Monthly horoscope Pisces August 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Pisces in August 2018?

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Pisces in August 2018?

August – Making Changes Flexibly

The sun will remain in the sign Leo through August 23rd and continue to form a quincunx aspect. From there it will continue to help you think over whether it’s time to make any changes in your life. After August 23rd the sun will enter a square aspect, so you could face certain challenges in some areas of your life. People could have different opinions than you do. Although you might not always understand why, this is typical when the sun is in opposition. You should simply be prepared to handle the situation and try to assert your position. This will be a more difficult time to complete projects.

Need a Change at Your Job?

Mercury will once again be in the sign Leo throughout the entire month, forming a quincunx aspect. Now is a good time to try and make a change in your career or your communications if there’s anything you’re not satisfied with. After August 19th your chances to do so will improve significantly as Mercury leaves its retrograde position and things return more to normal. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Courage to Face Tough Discussions

Venus will remain in opposition for a couple more days in August, but will leave this position on August 6th. Its positive influence will slowly become more noticeable as time goes on. You’ll once again be much more aware of the good things in life.

Nevertheless, it will still be in a quincunx position and will be making you aware of improvements that need to be made in your relationships, if there’s something you’re not satisfied with.

These will typically be small things you can change immediately. All you need is the courage to face tough discussions and you can clear them up. Be sure you’re as loving as Venus herself would be.

Mars Sends Full Power

Mars will still be in Aquarius through August 13th, after which it will move into the sign Capricorn. It will be able to send Pisces much stronger power and energy from that position, so work will seem like pure joy and will be relatively easy to handle with energy from Mars.

Is There a Great New Job Out There for You?

The planet of luck, Jupiter, has been in Scorpio since October 10th, 2017. From there it forms a very favorable trinethat will stick around through November 8th, 2018. This is one of the best transits there is, since it can bring improvements and opportunities for growth in every area of your life. This is the time to reap your reward for past efforts. This might be a good new job, a promotion, an improvement in your financial situation, a new partner, a publication you’ve been working on diligently, public recognition for your work, a birthday song from your family, your colleagues, a club, etc. You might even have some luck with the lottery if Uranus and Venus play along. Most Pisces will experience a wave of success during the transit, which is the time they celebrate their birthdays as well. You shouldn’t neglect your education during this time; it’s one of the most important areas of your life now.


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