Monthly Horoscope Pisces January 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Pisces in January 2018?

January – Happiness from Jupiter for the New Year

The sun will be in the sign Capricorn to start the month and the year. This is a positive position for Pisces as they will receive a good dose of vitality and energy. You’ll feel more balanced, sense inspiration and momentum, generally feel healthy, and might see some success as well. This positive sun-soaked period will last through January 20th. On that day the sun will leave Capricorn to enter the neighboring sign Aquarius and form a secondary semi-sextile aspect that indicates things will calm down somewhat in the sun area.

Intellectual Powers Awaken

Mercury has been in Sagittarius for quite some time and in a square position. This means you’re likely to see less than satisfactory circumstances in your career and in communication, and should continue to expect disruptions. You will definitely have to work harder now than usual if you want to achieve good results. But this too shall end and everything will make a turn for the better. Things will change after January 11th as Mercury moves into Capricorn to form a favorable sextile. From this aspect it can once again deliver supportive intellectual power to Pisces. You’ll definitely feel it.

Harmony and Personal Initiative

Venus will be moving through Capricorn as well, which is a very positive thing for Pisces as the planet can deliver its good properties under the influence of a supportive sextile. Pisces will notice these properties as others see them as more attractive and sympathetic. This will generally be a good and harmonious time for love, marriage, family, friends, art, and everything that’s good int he world.

Venus will then be entering the neighboring sign Aquarius on January 18th. From the semi-sextile it forms you will see fewer pleasant Venus-inspired moments - but who knows? We all are the agents of our own happiness, and with goodwill and personal initiative you can achieve great things.

Disputes Are In the Air

Mars will be in the related water sign Scorpio to form a favorable trine. From this aspect it can provide lots of power and energy to Pisces. This will last through January 26th, after which Mars will enter Sagittarius to form a square with Pisces. You might have difficulties in using the strong energy coming your way wisely. You could easily slip into aggression if someone doesn’t share your opinions. This is also a good time to take care of your health and take a lot of walks int he fresh air. This is a good way to get your mind off of what’s going on in your life, since disputes might be in the air.

The Best Jupiter Transit for Pisces

The planet of happiness, Jupiter, has been in Scorpio since October 10th, 2017.

the best jupiter transit for pices

From there it forms a very favorable trine that will stick around through November 8th, 2018. This is one of the best transits there is, since it can bring improvements and opportunities for growth in every area of your life. This is the time to reap your reward for past efforts. This might be a good new job, a promotion, an improvement in your financial situation, a new partner, a publication you’ve been working on diligently, public recognition for your work, a birthday song from your family, your colleagues, a club, etc. You might even have some luck with the lottery if Uranus and Venus play along. Most Pisces will experience a wave of success during the transit, which is the time they celebrate their birthdays as well. You shouldn’t neglect your education during this time; it’s one of the most important areas of your life now.

Pisces Keep Strong Nerves

Saturn will be forming a favorable sextile throughout all of 2018, so you’ll be extremely resilient and able to achieve and fulfill your goals. You’ll be able to handle work assigned to you now faithfully and satisfactorily. If you’re ready to work hard, this transit is sure to bring luck over the long-term. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, however, you’ll be working for everything you get. If you’ve always been diligent and reliable in the past, you’ll finally get recognition from influential supervisors. If you were a freelancer working throughout the year, you’re likely to see some positive developments now.

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