Monthly horoscope Pisces September 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for the sign Pisces in September 2018?

September – Venus Blossoms Once Again

The sun will still be in Virgo through September 23rd and in an oppositional position, so Pisces will have a tough time finding acceptance or generating enthusiasm for projects they propose. People are more likely to be against you, which is a common situation in such oppositional times. It’s better to keep things under wraps during such periods and wait until the sun is in a more favorable position. Things will get better after September 23rd, once the opposition has ended. This is a more favorable position. You’ll be able to improve your own position as well if you work hard, and this is a good time to make changes in various areas of your life.

Mercury’s Mobility 

Mercury will be highly mobile during this month. It will start off the month in Leo, promising a much calmer period in terms of your career and communications. After September 6th it will move into Virgo and form another square, which will last through September 22nd. You should expect disruptions during this time, so look out for misunderstandings and mistakes that could occur. However, if you act cautiously and conscientiously you’ll be able to prevent or balance out lots of negative situations. This opposition will be over on September 22nd as Mercury moves into Libra. You can expect a more normal and more calm period once again.

Pure Love Finally Returns!

Venus will still be in Libra at the start of the month, so you’ll be experiencing its positive side during this time. You will take on some of this positive attitude as well and other people will see you as kind and highly attractive. Things will get even better after September 9th as it enters the related water sign Scorpio to form a very positive trine.

This will once again be a good time for love, marriage, family, friends, enjoying and making art, and for everything good and beautiful in the world. What more could you want?

Continued Strong Energies

Mars will continue to distribute very strong energy from Capricorn, which will inspire Pisces. On September 11th it will move into the sign Aquarius. This won’t result in any major changes, as it continues to send plenty of energy to Pisces from that sign.

Jupiter’s Joy

The planet of luck, Jupiter, has been in Scorpio since October 10th, 2017. From there it forms a very favorable trinethat will stick around through November 8th, 2018. This is one of the best transits there is, since it can bring improvements and opportunities for growth in every area of your life. This is the time to reap your reward for past efforts. This might be a good new job, a promotion, an improvement in your financial situation, a new partner, a publication you’ve been working on diligently, public recognition for your work, a birthday song from your family, your colleagues, a club, etc. You might even have some luck with the lottery if Uranus and Venus play along. You shouldn’t neglect your education during this time; it’s one of the most important areas of your life now.

Saturn Sends Power

Saturn will be forming a favorable sextile throughout all of 2018, so you’ll be extremely resilient and able to achieve and fulfill your goals. You’ll be able to handle work assigned to you now faithfully and satisfactorily. If you’re ready to work hard, this transit is sure to bring luck over the long-term. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, however, you’ll be working for everything you get. If you’ve always beendiligent and reliable in the past, you’ll finally get recognition from influential supervisors. If you were a freelancer working continuously, you’re likely to see some positive developments now.

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