Monthly Horoscope Sagittarius March 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Sagittarius in March 2018?

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Sagittarius in March 2018?

March – Positive End to the Squares

The sun will stay in its square position through March 20th, so you can expect to continue facing certain obstacles because other people simply won’t share your opinions. This might be someone in your own family or even your boss. You might feel your work is being underappreciated - or not appreciated at all. You’ll just have to wait until the stars are in a better position - the sun, at least, will be starting on March 20th. This date will bring an end to the square as the sun enters the related fire sign Aries to form a favorable trine. From there the sun can deliver strong energy to Sagittarians once again, improving their confidence. You’ll definitely feel like standing up for your work now!

Success at Work

Mercury will also start off the month in Pisces and continue to form a square. This means you might experience certain difficulties or misunderstandings when it comes to communication and your job. This will all change for the better again on March 6th as Mercury enters Aries to end its square position. All of a sudden, you’ll enjoy excellent conditions once again. This will be a very good time for your professional life, and you shouldn’t let the obstacles you faced in the past - which might still be occupying your time - distract you from new opportunities. Make sure to use then whenever possible.

Venus Awakens Beauty

Venus will also end its square position, making it the third celestial body to end a square after the sun and Mars.

It will also do so on March 6th. What more could you want? Maybe a small yet unexpected gift? You might get one from Venus herself - the goddess of beauty is known for distributing gifts as she has richly received them. Of course, she has to spread her good gifts among us all - with billions of people on the planet, your gift might just be a little token. In comparison to Jupiter, known as the planet of happiness, Venus is more often responsible for small presents. These kinds of categories are always subjective, however - you might prefer to keep getting little gifts throughout the year than get one big one all at one time. Especially if it doesn’t last forever.

Mars will stay in peak position through March 17th, so most Sagittarians will continue to work hard on their projects and their work will seem to flow much more easily than usual. As it moves into Capricorn it will form a secondary semi-sextile aspect and the flow of energy from Mars will slowly diminish. However - by this point you will have achieved quite a bit. If you keep working on existing projects, you’re sure to bring them to a successful conclusion.

Jupiter, the planet of happiness, will be in Scorpio through November 8th. This means it will form a secondary aspect of a semi-sextile for Sagittarians so you shouldn’t expect much support from it now. This will definitely be the case after November 8th, when Jupiter enters Sagittarius. This only happens once every 12 years. But who knows: it might send Sagittarians a few gifts along the way during this time ...

Saturn will also form a semi-sextile for Sagittarius throughout the entirety of 2018, meaning it will only have a weak effect. That’s good news. Saturn does have to do with karma after all. Even if it’s forming a positive angle, you should expect it to remind you of past errors – ones you might be making again from time to time.

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