Monthly horoscope Taurus November 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Taurus in November 2018?

What new opportunities will open up for Taureans in November?

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Taurus in November 2018?


November – Jupiter Promotes Education

The sun entered Scorpio on October 23rd, where it will remain through November 21st. This oppositional position, which will begin six months after your birthday, will on the one hand represent a high point in terms of vital energy delivered to Taureans by the sun. On the other hand, the opposition could result in disadvantages brought by others who might work against you. You should be aware of this possibility, and be more cautious than usual. Always use caution when addressing supervisors or anyone in a position of authority. When the sun enters Sagittarius on November 22nd, this opposition will be over and the sun will encourage you to consider whether you need a change. Think carefully and decide whether you need to make any modifications.

Mercury in Retrograde

Mercury will be in Sagittarius throughout the entire month. This quincunx aspect always signals a time of reorientation. If you need a new outlook in your career, for instance, then you should take action to bring about change. Thanks to Mars in retrograde, a position it will enter on November 18th, you should use particular caution when entering into contracts or negotiations. You might see more errors than usual, or even experience lies and misunderstandings. You will also tend to be more nervous and absent-minded during this time.

Everything Going Well in Your Love Life?

Venus will be in Libra throughout the entire month, making this a great time for love unless there’s something in your personal horoscope that indicates the contrary. However, since the aspect also indicates a period of reorientation, if everything in terms of your love life isn’t one hundred percent where you want it to be, this would be the best time to clear some things up with your partner. Seize this opportunity, since now is the right time.

For the first half of the month Mars will still be in a square aspect, so you should handle its strong energy with caution.

This is a time to negotiate, not fight. As it enters Pisces, however, the situation will improve greatly. You’ll be much more interested in your work and ready to start something new once again. You’ll also seek out affection in your relationships.

Jupiter Changes its Favors

Jupiter will be entering the sign Sagittarius on November 8th, where it will stay for many months. In so doing, it will also change its favors. The quincunx aspect it now forms indicates this is a time of reorientation and renewal. This would be a good time to take some continuing education classes after work, for instance, and become a specialist in your field. You should also be careful during this time to ensure you aren’t being exploited. Be sure not to share any confidential information with anyone until you’re absolutely sure you won’t be disappointed.

Saturn will continue to have a stabilizing effect on Taureans. Whoever works hard now will reap the rewards later. During this time, you might face so many obligations you really don’t know how you’ll handle them all. Unfortunately, that’s just how Saturn is. It’s all about obligations. And that’s Saturn’s good side...

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