Taurus October 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Taurus in 2018?

Even if October does bring dark rain clouds: Be good to yourself and plan your own new beginning!

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Taurus in 2018?

October – React With Caution

For the majority of the month the sun will be in Libra. That will create a quincunx aspect that points towards reorientation. This would be a good time to consider whether you need to make any changes and, if so, to react accordingly. On October 23rd the sun will enter Scorpio, meaning it will be in opposition for six months following your birthday. On the one hand, this is a time in which Taureans’ vital energy will peak; on the other, the opposition could also result in interpersonal disadvantages if others work against your goals. Caution is your watchword when speaking with those in positions of authority, such as officials, to make sure they don’t act against you.

Mercury Brings Differences of Opinion

At the beginning of the month Mercury won’t be creating any obstacles, but after October 10th it will move into opposition. An opposition, as you know, means you will face certain hostilities. And since we’re talking about Mercury, the planet governing communications, this means other people often won’t share your opinions. You will have a hard time avoiding all disputes and differences during this time. But if you are aware of what’s happening things won’t seem quite as bad. This would be a good time to avoid any deep and serious discussions.

Look at Yourself with Love

Venus will be in Scorpio throughout the entire month, meaning it will be in opposition. You might feel unloved during this time, but you will still feel a strong yearning for love. You won’t feel much interest in your work, but will instead feel a much greater pull towards love, towards buying things, and towards eating and drinking. These are compensating measures - ways to fill in the gaps since your love life might not seem entirely ideal right now.

React with Care in Stressful Situations

Mars, the planet of energy, will be in Aquarius throughout the entire month. This puts it in a square aspect, meaning you shouldn’t take on anything too strenuous and should avoid wasting your energy, being arrogant, acting carelessly, and getting into arguments. So hold your horses instead and react with balance.

Jupiter could continue to bring good opportunities in all areas of your life, so make sure you don’t miss anything! However, as it is in an oppositional position, you should consider carefully whether the opportunities presented to you are truly realistic – or even utopic, as the planets are expressly warning you against overestimating yourself.

Saturn will continue to have a stabilizing effect on Taureans. Whoever works hard now will reap the rewards later. During this time, you might face so many obligations you really don’t know how you’ll handle them all. Unfortunately, that’s just how Saturn is. It’s all about obligations. And that’s Saturn’s good side!

What are the stars telling about your life?

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