Virgo March 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Virgo in March 2018?


March – Stay Modest

The sun will remain in Pisces and in opposition to your sign, so you should continue to expect resistance. Sometimes others simply won’t share your opinions. But if you know what to expect, you can react to these situations with more awareness. The sun will then leave its opposition position on March 20th to move into Aries and form a quincunx aspect. This aspect promotes a focus on realignment. Virgos will be reminded once again to think about whether they need to make any changes in any areas of their lives.

Mercury in Retrograde

Mercury will relinquish its opposition position on March 6th to move into Aries as well and form a quincunx aspect. This means you should also consider your career and whether you need to make any changes there. If something’s not going well, this would be the best time to speak up. You just have to take a chance. Mercury will then be in retrograde towards the end of the month. You’ll need to work more carefully to make sure you don’t make any errors - sometimes the god of business can easily turn into a prince of thieves.

Venus will follow the same pattern as the other two planets. It will also soon relinquish its opposition position, so you should expect much more pleasant times when it comes to love, art, and aesthetics. Venus leaves the position on March 7th and moves into Aries to also form a quincunx aspect. This quincunx also indicates realignment in Venus’s area - but only if you’re feeling unsatisfied in your partnership, or if things aren’t going as well as you’d like.

Striving for Progress from the Middle of the Month

Mars will retain its square position through March 17th, so you’ll need to keep monitoring your energy carefully so you don’t slip into aggression. You should also keep thinking about how to preserve your health. Afterwards Mars will move into Capricorn to finally form a favorable trine. Virgos will finally feel their energies move back into more balance at this time.

keeping the peace

You will feel a much stronger interest in your work, as well as a desire to start new projects.

Jupiter will be in a very favorable position for Virgos through November 8th, forming a sextile with your sign. Things in your life will reach a good flow. Sometimes you really can make progress without too much effort. However, in the long term it’s better to utilize all the skills you possess. Your relationships with other people will generally be good, even with people who have some influence and could help you out during this time. As for you, you’ll be radiating lots of enthusiasm and optimism, which is contagious. Keeping the peace is also very important now, and this is a favorable time for your finances.

Connections Deepen in 2018

Saturn will be in Capricorn throughout the year, forming a positive trine. That means it will have a stabilizing effect on Virgos’ lives during this time. However, since Saturn is associated with negative karma, we might not always be confronted with the things we need to hear. Any projects you start now will go well over the long term. Now is the time for your best results with real estate and anything to do with properties. If you work hard now, you’re certain to reap the rewards – just maybe not right away.

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