Monthly Horoscope Virgo April 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Virgo in April 2018?

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Virgo in April 2018?

April – Things are looking up

The sun will remain in Aries through April 19th and help you re-focus your energies to make the kind of changes you might need in some areas of your life. Then it will move to Taurus. You can expect very positive support from the sun, which you’ll feel in the form of a boost of energy and vitality. You will have a much easier time asserting yourself, achieving great things, and be in a very positive mindset.

Mercury will remain in Aries throughout the entire month, although it will improve its position after April 15th as it moves out of its retrograde position and into direct motion once again. Your communications will seem “normal” again, and the period of mistakes, misunderstandings, and potentially lies as well will be over. However, it will still be in its quincunx aspect. This means you should take the opportunities offered to you and try to make changes in your career if you’re not satisfied. That should be your goal during this time. You just have to take a chance.

Focus on creativity

Venus will be in Taurus through March 31st and creating outstanding conditions for your love life. This will also benefit artistic endeavors and anything related to beauty. This would be a good time to enjoy life, and Virgos should abandon their sense of duty now and then to do just that. You might see some minor material advantages during this time as all of your material endeavors will be favored. Small gifts might also be coming your way.

Mars will be in an outstanding position in Capricorn throughout the entire month, where it can provide Virgos with optimal power and energy. You can really achieve great things during this time if you want to - you’ll definitely have the energy for it!

Jupiter Promotes Social Networking

Jupiter will be in a very favorable position for Virgos through November 8th,forming a sextile with your sign. Things in your life will reach a good flow. Sometimes you really can make progress without too much effort.

Creative ideas

However, in the long term it’s better to utilize all the skills you possess. Your relationships with other people will generally be good, even with people who have some influence and could help you out during this time. As for you, you’ll be radiating lots of enthusiasm and optimism, which is contagious. Keeping the peace is also very important now, and this is a favorable time for your finances.

Saturn will be in Capricorn throughout the year, forming a positive trine. That means it will have a stabilizing effect on Virgos’ lives during this time. However, since Saturn is associated with negative karma, we might not always be confronted with the things we need to hear. Any projects you start now will go well over the long term. Now is the time for your best results with real estate and anything to do with properties. If you work hard now, you’re certain to reap the rewards – just maybe not right away.

What are the stars telling about your life?

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