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Libra in 2023: A Time Full of Possibilities and Opportunities

Jupiter Insists on the Libra's Sense of Reality
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The zodiac sign Libra faces several challenges and changes in 2023 , which may affect various areas of life. Saturn will be in both Aquarius and Pisces during the year, providing stability, while the planet Uranus in Taurus could provide surprises and changes. Here we will look at the astrological influences on the zodiac sign Libra and how they can affect different areas of life.

Kurt Franz

About the author
Kurt Franz, born in 1949, has been searching for the meaning of life for a long time. Astrology offers an ideal and fascinating introduction to this subject. Kurt has the Sun in Pisces, the Ascendant in Taurus, the Moon in Virgo, and Jupiter in the 10th house near the MC.

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Saturn: Good Opportunities for Stabilization


Saturn is known as the strict father Titan, Cronus, in Greek mythology who both restricts and limits, which is why we need to exercise a lot of self-discipline and self-control to overcome problems . With favorable aspects, however, it also provides stable conditions and good life security permanently. Saturn is in Aquarius in 2023 from 1 January - 7 March  and then in Pisces from 7 March - 31 December.

Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn is in Aquarius for the time being, which is why the advantageous angle of the trine continues to be formed with the Sun of Libra, which is why we can expect stabilizing conditions, which Saturn will provide. However, he never gives us anything but always asks us to work diligently and dutifully for our interests. Goals and upgrading one's life will be important.

Saturn in the 5th solar house of Libra

Saturn is also in the 5th solar house of Libra during this time, which rules creativity, romantic love , children, lovemaking, games, leisure and pleasure, as well as speculation. This is why all these areas are pointed out for special attention at this time.

Libra Horoscope 2023
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Saturn in Pisces

When Saturn moves into Pisces, the neutral angle of a quincunx is formed for the Libra, which can also be called a learning factor , as advantageous situations , as well as perhaps less advantageous ones, could occur, which then either have to be enjoyed or dealt with. This all serves to further stabilization.

Saturn in the 6th Solar House of Libra

Saturn is also in the 6th solar house of Libra during this time, the house of everyday work , the workplace, livelihood , health and nutrition, as well as domestic animals, so special attention should be paid to these areas now.

With Uranus Comes Change

Uranus is the planet of individuality, suddenness, revolution, independence, and progress . It always makes itself felt unexpectedly, either in a pleasant sense or not at all according to our ideas. He stirs things up when he sees fit, and as far as we are concerned, we must then try to master the situations that come our way through possible changes .

Uranus in Taurus

Uranus continues to be in the sign of Taurus during 2023. Since Taurus is ruled by Venus, the areas of relationships and finances are also affected. For those born in Libra, there is the angle or aspect of the quincunx to their Sun, which can be seen as a neutral or also as a learning factor, as experience shows that good opportunities can arise, as well as perhaps those that require a little more effort than we would like. There may also be weight gain or weight loss during 2023. It will also be good to recite positive self-love and self-worth affirmations every morning.


In addition, Uranus is in the 8th solar house of Libra, so special attention is also drawn to this area of life this year. This is the house of sexuality, power, assertion , but perhaps also the end and new beginning in some area. It can also concern inheritance, common possessions as well as our own self-renewal, to which we should also attach great importance after all. You may also go back and forth with your gender preference of potential love mates this year!

Libra Horoscope 2023

The zodiac sign Libra always seeks harmony and peace and tries to create a positive atmosphere in difficult situations. This quality can be useful in 2023 to keep calm and serene in stressful or challenging situations, and to reassure and support other people.

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Neptune Warns Against Deception

Neptune is the planet of charity, divine love, intuition and sensitivity. On a low level, however, it is also the planet of deception, disappointment, self-deception, greed and deceit. And it is also the father of all addictions, because addictions ultimately also have to do with escape from reality and self-deception.

Neptune continues to be in Pisces in 2023 and therefore again forms the angle of the quincunx towards the Sun of Libra, which is why there could be good opportunities, but possibly also tense ones. Basically, one should beware of deceptions, which also include self-deceptions. And as far as the positive qualities of Neptune are concerned, one should make an effort to cultivate them this year. Whoever gives charity , will attract good karma!

In addition, Neptune is in the 6th solar house of Libra, the house of work, the workplace, livelihood, health and nutrition, which is why you should also pay special attention to these areas now.


Pluto Warns Against Radical Assertions

Pluto is the planet of force majeure, of power, of radical transformation , and also of passion. It can make people obstinate and stubborn, but it can also interest them in the mysterious, the mystical, the occult, and the magical. Pluto continues to be in Capricorn from 1 January - 23 March.  From 23 March - 12 June  then in Aquarius , and from 12 June - 31 December,  due to retrograde, again in Capricorn .

Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto continues to linger in Capricorn for the time being, forming the angle of the square to the Sun of Libra , and this means that one should act cautiously in all areas that have to do with power during this time. This can concern the professional, as well as the private, sphere. Diplomatic behavior or tact is therefore appropriate. It is really important not to get into fights with anyone who hold authority over you, such as a boss, during this time. 

Pluto in the 4th Solar House of Libra

Pluto is also in the 4th solar house of Libra during this time, the house of family, of origin, of childhood, of the mother , the kitchen, of tradition, of the private sphere and of one's own home. So, all these areas want special attention during this time. You may get into conflicts with your mother, or a motherly figure, so rather nurture her when feeling frustrated. You may also hurt yourself in the kitchen, so be fully aware when cutting or using sharp objects. 


Pluto in Aquarius

When Pluto is in Aquarius, the advantageous angle of the trine is formed for Libra, which means that you can now count on asserting your interests. Of course, diplomatic skills are still very advantageous, but Libra are masters of that anyway. In addition, Pluto is in the 5th solar house of Libra during this time, the house of creativity, eroticism, romantic love , children, love affairs, games, leisure and pleasure, and also speculation. Which is why all these areas are pointed out to be taken care of now, especially during this time.

Pluto's Retrograde

When Pluto moves back into Capricorn through retrograde, a square is formed again and furthermore the 4th solar house of Libra is addressed, whereby the effects of these constellations have already been discussed above.

Jupiter Demands a Realistic View of Things from Libra in 2023

Jupiter, the great planet of luck, stands for growth and expansion in all areas of life, as well as for happy circumstances that seem to come of their own accord. We always long for these, but these wonderful Jupiter times don't always happen. When there are tense aspects with Jupiter, we should be wary of cockiness, exaggeration, presumption and overconfidence. But above all, we should beware of over-optimistic and over-dimensioned decisions, because then the thing with growth could turn into the opposite, namely into accumulating debt!

Libra Horoscope 2023

The zodiac sign Libra attaches great importance to equality and justice and always tries to include all parties in their decisions. This trait can be useful in 2023 to make fair and just decisions to work for the interests of all parties involved.

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Jupiter is in the Following Zodiac Signs in 2023

1 January - 17 May in Aries

17 May - 31 December in Taurus

When Jupiter is in Aries , the angle of opposition is formed for Libra, so the same applies as with the angle of quincunx. If no impulsive decisions are taken, Jupiter will prove beneficial. Also, Jupiter is in the 7th solar house of Libra at this time, the house of partnership, marriage, love and personal relationships, including business ones. Contracts are also included. These areas should therefore be especially cultivated by the Libra during this time. It is important to read the fine print on all contracts before signing during this period. 

Once Jupiter is in the sign of Taurus , the neutral angle of the quincunx is formed for the Libra, but this can also be called a learning factor, since good, as well as not so good, situations could arise, which then have to be enjoyed or even mastered. However, a relative improvement in Jupiter's effect will now be noticeable during this period.


In addition, Jupiter is in the 8th solar house of Libra during this time, which is why special attention is also drawn to this area of life this year. This is the house of power, assertion, but also perhaps the end of certain situations and new beginnings in some areas. It can also concern inheritance, common possessions, as well as our own self-renewal, to which we should attach great importance after all.

Dear Librans!

Kurt Franz and the team wishes you good luck, success, great health, love and contentment for the year 2023!

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