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Leo Horoscope for Tuesday 31 January 2023 | Photo: © Lucas Ottone /

Naturalness and openness are far better approaches to embrace.. .

Leo Monthly Horoscope January 2023 | Photo: © heike114 -

Lucky planet Jupiter is very favourable for Leo and brings happy moments in all areas of life. There can be good developments in the job.

Leo Weekly Horoscope for Week 5 (30.01.23 - 05.02.23) | Photo: © midjourney
Week 5

The time seems right to show more confidence in your personal abilities. It will pay off, particularly as you're manner is sincere; whether recounting amusing stories, impressing a new date, a spontaneous trip or a romantic evening with your lover – your creative flair is unlimited!.

  • Zodiac Sign
    The Strong-Willed Leo: Self-Confident, Creative and Heroic!
  • Ascendant
    Enthusiastic & Postive
  • Moon
    People born under a Moon in Leo are warm, kind-hearted, and feel good when ad...