Horoscope for the 49th week (6.12. - 12.12.)

Power Constellation between Mars and Pluto

Horoscope for the 49th week (6.12. - 12.12.)
Horoscope for the 49th week (6.12. - 12.12.)

Power Constellation between Mars and Pluto

Horoscope for the 49th week (6.12. - 12.12.)

Power Constellation between Mars and Pluto

 This week there are the following significant events in the starry sky:


On Monday, Dec. 6, Mars and Pluto enter into a beneficial ⚹extile with each other that will have an effect for the next five days or so. This is a power constellation of the two most powerful planets, whose power we will also feel. It gives us a pronounced daily urge and also the abilities to develop long-term strategies and also to enforce them. So we will feel more or less full of energy, tireless, energetic, adventurous and willing to work. Wonderful. And after that, there should be balance again and a resting place for body, soul and spirit.


On Tuesday, Dec. 7, there is a square between Mercury and Neptune that could bring misunderstandings and lack of concentration. Deceptions and lies are also in play, which is why we should pay close attention to the messages we are presented with today. So a "healthy distrust" is in order. - But there is also a very pleasing constellation on this day, namely the conjunction between the Moon and Venus, a tried and tested love constellation that will also always bring good luck to many of us. And financial matters also stand well under these two stars, and good luck in gambling is also possible.


On Wednesday, 8.12 , energy planet Mars and justice planet Jupiter conjoin through a tense square, which is why the negative qualities of the two rulers could then also come to the fore, and thus also in us. And that is, for example, the following manifestation: Arguing for the sake of arguing. Do you know this? But of course. At least you know it in others, - if you don't notice it in yourself. No matter what it's about, we argue so much that it's a joy, or not at all. There could be late consequences, because you never really know whether the other person is not also resentful.


On Thursday, 9.12 ., there is once again a lucky constellation, namely the conjunction between Moon and Jupiter. And this takes place in Aquarius, which is why the Aquarians will be particularly affected by Fortuna's gifts - even if you can't expect great luck. Small pleasures are most likely to sweeten our everyday life. Gemini and Libra could also benefit greatly, as could Aries and Sagittarius. But also all other signs, although they have to pay very concentrated attention to the indications that will come on this day. And then they do come.


On Friday, 10.12., the Moon and Uranus join in a favourable ⚹extile that will make us unconventional and open-minded for progress and the future. We can be buoyant, enthusiastic, activating and unconcerned today. And perhaps one or the other is still rejoicing over the so-called little luck that Fortuna sprinkled over him yesterday. But today's constellation also has it in store, so there could also be positive surprises. The areas of love and financial matters could be affected, as Uranus is in Taurus, and charity could also make itself felt, because of the Moon, which is in Pisces.


On Saturday, Dec. 11 , there are a large number of new transits that will take effect, the vast majority of which will be positive. The ⚹extile between Mercury and Jupiter causes good and expansive effects in the whole field of communication. So we get good ideas and suggestions, business sense is well developed, there are benefits from laws and official matters. Correspondence and intellectual as well as rhetorical work are favoured, and there may also be small advantages in everyday life through practical reason. Duration: 1 - 2 days. - The conjunction between Venus and Pluto can cause fanatical love, but also extremely strong artistic-creative possibilities of realisation. And under certain circumstances this constellation can also mean exceptionally favourable financial fortune. Duration: about three days.


On Sunday, 5.12 ., there is a square between Sun and Neptune, which can cause deception, but also self-deception. So you could also become a victim of your imagination, and unstable people are now also very impressionable. But for all of them: beware of lies, deceit and intrigues! And caution is also advised with regard to stimulants and intoxicants. This constellation is therefore not a favourable date for important matters, as the connection to reality is not fully given. Duration: about 2 days.


So much for the overview with the information of the effects from these stellar events. Further information can be found in the respective daily horoscopes.

And now to the current overview of the position of the most important planets this week and the effects on the individual star signs:


Sun - I, vitality, self-confidence and joie de vivre:

When the Sun is in Sagittarius, which is currently the case, the qualities of the sign Sagittarius now rub off more strongly on all of us. As the physical nature around us is now dying as evidently as it does every year, this is also always the indication that we should now occupy ourselves with spiritual things, for the spirit that we now take into ourselves is immortal. Occupations with religion, philosophy, astrology, anthroposophy and all interesting fields of knowledge are now in order. Idealistic aspirations are also part of it, such as love of freedom, a sense of justice or social commitment to fellow human beings.


Who benefits most from the Sun in Sagittarius?

Those most favoured by the Sun in Sagittarius are now Sagittarians themselves, Aries and Leo, as well as Aquarians and Libra.

Also receiving much support from the Sun in Sagittarius are the Capricorns and Scorpios, as well as the Cancers and Taureans.

The Gemini, Pisces and Virgo have tense angles at the moment, which is why you should actually take it easy physically now, otherwise your health could be attacked. But there is nothing in the way of mental training!


Mercury - communication, thinking, learning, money and profession:

Mercury in Sagittarius, like the Sun in Sagittarius, promotes our social and philosophical-religious thinking. Striving for freedom, a sense of justice and the realm of truth also gain importance now. But our ambition for awards is also awakened, as is our desire to travel. And economic successes could be successful if we persevere and do not give up.


So who benefits most from Mercury in Sagittarius?

With Mercury in Sagittarius, the Sagittarians themselves are now most favoured, the Aries and Lionsas well as the Aquarians and Libra.

The Capricorns and Scorpios as well as the Taurus and Cancerians cannot complain either, they too now benefit from Mercury's influences. And those who are particularly active in the professional and communication spheres will be additionally rewarded.

 Gemini, Virgo and Pisces should be careful not to make mistakes in logical conclusions and actions, because the current angles tempt to superficiality and perhaps also to sloppiness. Caution is the mother of china. And if this principle is adhered to, then the dishes will remain intact.


Venus - love, beauty, harmony, luxury, possessions and art:

Venus in Capricorn now brings about loyalty, a sense of responsibility and constancy in the partnership. Since Capricorn is conservative and also attaches great importance to material goods, there is a danger, however, that we apply these qualities to the area of relationships, but they probably have not lost much there. In judgments in the field of art, we now also have a relatively conservative attitude and prefer the old and proven directions. In the love area we are now rather shy or inhibited, but when left to our own devices we now have a need for recognition, prestige and success.


So who is most favoured by Venus in Capricorn?

Most addressed by Venus in Capricorn now are the Capricorns themselves, the Taureans and Virgos , as well as the Pisces and Scorpios

 Aquarians and Sagittarians as well as Gemini and Leo also feel strongly addressed by the qualities of Capricorn. Those who make the first step and are willing to make certain "sacrifices" for their partner, or at least show a lot of accommodation, will certainly be rewarded.

 Libra and Aries as well as Cancer may have a bit of a hard time with the love area at the moment, as there are tense aspects. But soon things will be much better again.


Mars - energy, initiatives, courage and health:

When Mars is in Scorpio, the Martian forces now take on a very special intensity. Our assertiveness is now strengthened, as is our ambition, determination, courage and perceptiveness. However, we should be careful not to act too recklessly and run over our fellow men with our indomitable will. Other negative manifestations now are criticalness, pride, the will to power, selfishness and stubbornness. So finding the balance is important now.


Who is now most favoured with Mars in Scorpio?

Most favoured by Mars in Scorpio now are the Scorpios themselves, the Cancers and Pisces, and the Virgos and Capricorns.

Next come the Libra and Sagittarius as well as the Gemini and Aries . They too now have a great deal of energy and strength at their disposal, which should be used in the right measure.

The Taurus, Leo and Aquarius have tense angles at the moment, which is why you should actually take it easy now, otherwise your health could be attacked. Now you should think about a healthier life and put it into action, which you can achieve with enough sleep, a healthier diet, less hectic activity and sport or long walks.


Jupiter - Idealism, success, happiness and well-being:

Jupiter generally represents the high ideals in life, religion, philosophy, law and higher education as well as prosperity and happiness.

When Jupiter is in Aquarius, we are more open to reform and all things new, as well as to humanity. It also brings about a greater willingness to meet and reconcile. And it also increases the sense for elevated literature and science.


So who is most favoured by Jupiter in Aquarius?

At present, the greatest advantages with Jupiter in Aquarius are enjoyed by the Aquarians themselves, the Gemini and Libra, and the Aries andSagittarius

Happy with him can also be the Pisces and Capricorns, as well as the Cancers and Virgos.

At the moment, the Lions, Taurus and Scorpios should not get involved in any oversized projects. Caution against excess and delusion is therefore called for. Reason should definitely be called upon now. If this is adhered to, Jupiter will also be useful.


Saturn - restrictions, trials, delays and rewards:

Saturn in Aquarius will now demand many trials from us in all possible areas of life, and further then demand a tireless effort for reform, improvement and renewal. The sense for world-improving plans, justice and humanity should also be awakened in us, as well as thinking across generations. But one should also concentrate strongly on the plans of what is feasible and try to implement them.


So how does Saturn in Aquarius affect the various signs?

Most challenged by Saturn in Aquarius at present are the Aquarians themselves, the Lions , Taurus and Scorpios. He now demands a lot of effort in all areas of life so that stable conditions can be achieved in the future.

Less demanded of him at present are the Pisces and Capricorns as well as the Cancers and Virgos.

The most support from Saturn is currently given to Gemini and Libra as well as Aries and Sagittarius.


The effects of the planets

All these constellations of the stars that have now been discussed have a constant influence on us, with varying effects, although they are also constantly changing. "Everything flows", that is why the ancient Greeks already said.

So there is a constant change in the qualities of the influences, from tense to pleasant and happy. And each one of us is treated individually by the Creator of the cosmos according to our karma, and in a precisely coordinated way, which all serves our higher development. Even if it sometimes does not seem so to us. But he alone has the overview of his entire work of creation, in which each one of us is also included.

To you, dear readers

i wish you a good week, good thoughts and many positive influences from the stars

Kurt Franz

and the entire schicksal.com staff team.

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