Saturn turns retrograde

Saturn Turns Retrograde: This Is What We Have To Reckon With Now

Saturn in Aquarius turns retrograde from 4 June 2022 to 22 October
Saturn turns retrograde

How does the retrograde manifest itself?

Saturn's retrograde lasts until 23 October 2022.

It is advisable not to mess with superiors or any "authorities" during this time of retrograde, be it in the professional sphere or in the official or state sphere, experience shows that you will lose out.

Also be careful with inheritances, you should check the circumstances carefully, there could be something wrong!

You shouldalso look atantiques before you want to buy any. Also any other old items or appliances, such as a second-hand car.

These four signs of the zodiac need to be especially careful now

And finally, a very important piece of information:

From Saturn, four signs are currently affected by critical angles, which is why a problem will arise in some area of life, more or less. The affected zodiac signs are the Aquarians (conjunction), the Lions (opposition), and the Taurus and Scorpios (by squares).

The three phases of the slow moving planets

With the slow-moving planets, of which Saturn is one, there are always three phases.

In the first phase the problem will occur, so one is confronted with it.

The second phase is the retrograde phase. Saturn now changes its direction, runs backwards, which is why the problem is now often no longer felt so strongly, or not at all, so that one could think that it is over, that it has taken care of itself, which is why one now perhaps does nothing at all. That would be bad, however, and it shows once again how valuable the knowledge of astrology is.

If one does not act, the problem will only be delayed, and it will become all the more acute when the direct phase begins again.

Saturn's retrograde phase now lasts until 22 October 2022, which are now the months in which the problem should be solved, so that by the time the direct conjunction begins again on 22 October 2022, the matter should already be more or less settled, which is why nothing negative will then occur or be felt when Saturn passes over the Sun of the four signs of the zodiac concerned.

Living with the stars just brings advantages, as you can see. And learning is always rewarded, also the learning of astrology.


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