Darlings of Fortune Week 36

Horoscope: Darlings of Fortune, Week 36

These birth dates are lucky from September 6th - September 12th
Darlings of Fortune Week 36

Horoscope: Darlings of Fortune, Week 36

These birth dates are lucky from September 6th - September 12th

Horoscope: Darlings of Fortune, Week 36

Are you one of the darlings of fortune of the week 36 from September 6th - September 12th? Take a look if your birth date is among the lucky planetary placements for this auspicious time.

Mercury: profession, communication, ideas, money

Mercury influences our logic, the way we speak, and act in our environment. It is the chief and commander of communication, therefore it plays a very important role in all kinds of financial matters, through better-informed decisions and foresight-- future sight. Don't be afraid to step out and take a healthy risk after you have weighed your options. Mercury in the sign of Libra will help you make peace in these areas.  


March 30th - April 07th

May 30th - June 09th

August 01st - August 10th

October 01st - October 10th

December 01st - December 10th

January 29th - February 07th



Venus: Love, Pleasure, Harmony

Venus showers us with love and satisfies our need for beauty, ultimate happiness, and a state of equilibrium. It gives the blessing of financial balance by aiding in resourceful ways of being. Get into the Venusian vibes with the sign of Libra this week by noticing what brings feelings of neutrality and peace to your relationships. 


April 14th - April 23rd

June 13th - June 24th

August 17th - August 26th

October 17th - October 26th

December 16th - December 24th

February 13th - February 22nd


Darlings of Fortune 36

"In each of us, there is another whom we do not know."-- Carl Jung

Mars: Energy, Action, Will

Mars is the driving force of power and personal will, causing every initiative within us. We then carry this out fearlessly and courageously each day refreshed and enlivened by life. Allow the energies of Mars in the sign of Virgo to spark your will to get things accomplished and to feel great about your daily initiative-- the time to act is NOW.



May 15th - May 20th

July 17th - July 22nd

September 17th - September 23rd

November 17th - November 21st

January 14th - January 19th

March 14th - March 19th



Jupiter: Happiness in all areas of life

Jupiter gives us great joy and success in all areas of life. However, among these joys in life must include a commitment toward idealistic views of the past by refining our perception with higher logic and a sprinkle of reasoning. With Jupiter in the sign of Aquarius, the opportunity to make big changes in a positive way comes in leaps and bounds!


April 13th - April 15th

June 13th - June 15th

August 15th - August 17th

October 17th - October 19th

December 16th - December 18th

February 13th - February 15th


Darlings of Fortune 36

Uranus: Positive surprises

Uranus produces unexpected gifts, ingenious ideas and elevates us toward faster development of humankind and civilization. Uranus is in the sign of Taurus currently bringing stability in ways that feel like a sign of grace from the heavens. 


May 04th - May 06th

July 06th - July 08th

September 07th - September 09th

November 07th - November 09th

January 05th - January 07th

March 04th - March 06th


Neptune: Inspiration, Creativity, Nature

Neptune is the higher octave of Venus showing us divine love, spiritual inspiration, beauty through nature, and an affinity for art. With Neptune in the natural ruling sign of Pisces, its current retrograde movement have you go within, inspiring your inner creativity and bringing you an ultimate state of happiness through transcending all time and space. In other words...GET IN THE FLOW!


May 12th - May 14th

July 12th - July 14th

September 14th - September 16th

November 14th - November 16th

January 12th - January 14th

March 12th - March 14th

Darlings of Fortune 36

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