Horoscope for Monday, Feb. 15th

A quite different Rose Monday this year

Horoscope for Monday, Feb. 15th
Horoscope for Monday, Feb. 15th

A quite different Rose Monday this year

Horoscope for Monday, Feb. 15th

A quite different Rose Monday this year

There are other ways to talk, aren't there? And as for the crazy carnival that will not take place this year, it is guaranteed that there will be much fewer disputes in numerous relationships. Many divorce lawyers may also lament the loss of business caused by the cancellation of the Carnival celebration.

In the late afternoon and the evening, two excellent Moon connections are active with Mercury and Jupiter, so there could be good entertainment in the large field of further education. And once again, happy are those who could get an exciting reading.

Why is Jupiter the cornucopia of happiness?

Instead of the carnival hustle and bustle, we can go through something from ancient Greek mythology, and specifically about why Jupiter is known as the cornucopia of happiness. We will consider the topic briefly, but you surely will remember it.

We go now immediately into the point. Saturn emasculated his father and also snatched from him the rule over the gods and people. Saturn’s father is Uranus. Those were the customs at the time, you know. So, Saturn brutally emasculated and disempowered his father, Uranus. But he did not kill him, mind you, because a god cannot die since he is a spiritual being. In the spiritual world, there are only transformations, no death. But why Saturn did that? We will think about that tomorrow.

The second act of the tragedy, since Saturn could think logically, then naturally developed in him that his descendants could perhaps one day do to him the same thing he had done to his father. And therefore, he always devoured his children immediately after their birth. This fact depicts the inhibiting principle of Saturn, a newborn life or development, is all the same to him. The main thing is that he is doing well.

Rhea saves her son Jupiter with cunning

His wife Rhea finally comes up with a ruse to save the next son, Jupiter. She arranges for her husband to swallow a stone sewn into a goatskin instead of the son. This stratagem succeeds, and thus Jupiter is saved. And with Jupiter now, all the coming life is secured and can develop. And Jupiter thrives quite splendidly. He is raised by the nymph Amalthea and fed by her goat.

Amalthea later receives a horn from this goat as a gift, endowed with the power to grant all wishes! Wow! And now and then, Jupiter causes it also still today that even our most secret desires come true.

So, here we have the cornucopia, the sign of Fortune, which later becomes the symbol of Jupiter himself. Jupiter symbolizes life itself, the development of energy and wealth in all areas, all of which come from his cornucopia. And we call it luck.


15. Februar


Galileo Galilei (1564 - 1642), Sir Ernest Shackleton (*1874-1928), Jane Seymour (1951), Matt Groening (*1954)

Saint's day


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