The Full Moon in Virgo brings changes in our lives

The Full Moon in Virgo brings changes in our lives

Horoscope for Saturday, Feb. 27th
The Full Moon in Virgo brings changes in our lives

The Full Moon in Virgo brings changes in our lives

Horoscope for Saturday, Feb. 27th

The Full Moon in Virgo brings changes in our lives

Pisces and Virgo, Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus and Capricorn, get the most energy from the Moon and the Sun today. The other six Zodiac signs must be satisfied with less benevolence this time.

The Sun in Pisces causes a lot of charity actions, intuition, artistic ideas, helpfulness. The Moon in Virgo promotes Virgo's qualities, which are diligence, order, precise thinking, discernment.

Today, however, other beneficial forces are also influential, namely the energy of Uranus, which is favorable to the Sun and will bring a lot of momentum into our lives. So, we should pay attention to innovative ideas and also be ready to changes. Unexpected opportunities could come up now.


Moon Run

Moonrise 6:10 pm - Moonset 07:44 am - Full Moon in Virgo.

Virgo time means mind domination - thirst for knowledge - practical action - a sense of order - good memory - diligence. But also, pedantry - addiction to criticism - egoism - scarce generosity.

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