Horoscope for Sunday, 10.3

Mercury and Jupiter open and sharpen our minds

Horoscope for Sunday, 10.3
Horoscope for Sunday, 10.3

Mercury and Jupiter open and sharpen our minds

Horoscope for Sunday, 10.3

Daily aspects

Time Aspects
2:33 AM Moon → Virgo
4:56 PM Mercury Trine Jupiter

Mercury and Jupiter open and sharpen our minds

This positive trine connection between Mercury and Jupiter is not exact until tomorrow, but the effects begin today. Its influence lingers for only a few days, so you should start thinking about how you want to make use of this energy now.

When they come together, Mercury and Jupiter favor all types of communication, as well as transactions. Purchases and sales usually go well at this time.

Jupiter's good fortune, however, will not necessarily result in automatic giveaways. However, when he cooperates with Mercury, it opens out minds and makes us more aware of favorable opportunities that we should take advantage of.

Naturally, mental activities such as writing are also favored now. Mercury will give us some good ideas, though we may find that we still need to write them down and reflect. If we take the time to map things out, Jupiter and Mercury will deliver pleasing results and disseminate the message we are trying to get across.

Subjects that involve law, contracts, foreign affairs, religion and philosophy are also favored at this time.


Lunar Cycle:

Moonrise: 3:07 am EST - Moonset: 4:22 pm EST - From 4:38 am EST: Waning Moon in Virgo.

The Moon in Virgo means logic over emotions, thirst for knowledge, practicality, order, better memory and diligence. But it can also produce pedantry, too much criticism, egoism and stinginess. 

Daily aspects

Time Aspects
2:33 AM Moon → Virgo
4:56 PM Mercury Trine Jupiter

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