Taurus Horoscope: Monday, Dec. 13th

Taurus Horoscope: Monday, Dec. 13th

You Don't Need a Spa Package - a Long Hot Bath, Relaxing Music, and a Good Book Can Do the Trick
Taurus Horoscope: Monday, Dec. 13th

Taurus Horoscope: Monday, Dec. 13th

You Don't Need a Spa Package - a Long Hot Bath, Relaxing Music, and a Good Book Can Do the Trick

Taurus Horoscope: Monday, Dec. 13th


Keeping a cool head is important. Problems you encounter seem impossible to solve. Try adopting a totally new approach. Calmly accept advice and help from your co-workers or those with some experience of your situation. You’ll need to be more flexible than normal.

Love and Partnership

You are quite quick-tempered and reactive whenever you feel taken advantage of or provoked by your partner. This will eventually lead to a powerful battle. Fortunately, there are ways and means to avoid unnecessary arguments: go blow off some steam through exercise or suggest an evening apart. Looking forward to seeing each other again will certainly help balance some of your tensions.

Love for Singles

You may feel like your romantic life needs re-evaluating. Examine your personal life and determine what is positive, unique, and desirable about you. Figure out what you want from a relationship and way. If you do, you'll be able to make a positive impression when you first meet others that they can respect.

Money and Finances

Some unexpected problems may crop up during business deals. Your plans and ideas are not making headway, and you cannot convince others of their benefits. This can be genuinely frustrating, but don’t rush things or they might backfire and you could end up losing out. Keep a cool head or worse things might happen.


You don't need a spa package - a long hot bath, relaxing music, and a good book can do the trick. It's time to focus on your health and weigh healthy choices against the potential damage caused by overeating, alcohol consumption, and smoking.

Family and Friendship

Personal relationships don’t always go according to plan. Turbulent situations keep cropping up, requiring all your energy. Smaller arguments and conflicts are likely to occur. Be prepared and try to deal with this turmoil as calmly as possible.

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Horoscope for Monday, 12/13
Photo: © istockphoto.com/matrixnis


There’s Plenty of Time To Consider New and Bigger Developments, and...


You Don't Need a Spa Package - a Long Hot Bath, Relaxing Music, and...


If You Feel Pressured in Any Way, Take Some Time Out From Any Stres...


You Will Have To Put Up With Some Unpleasantness in Your Private Life


You Are at Peace With Yourself


You Find the Idea of Meeting New People Difficult


Your Natural Composure and Healthy Diet Help Nourish Your Mind and...


You Approach Problems Capably and Professionally, and You Have All...


You Feel Positive, Sociable, and Adventurous


It’s Time To Put Plans Into Action


You've Been Looking for the Right Person for a Long Time


The One Who Sows the Seeds of Anger Will Harvest the Storm

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