Horoscope for Saturday, 15.1

Horoscope for Saturday, 15.1


Daily aspects

Time Aspects
10:09 AM Moon → Cancer
5:33 PM Moon Trine Jupiter

Horoscope for Saturday, 15.1.

Mercury tests us and requires right thinking

There's not too much going on in the way of new transits today. Moon and Mars at least make us temperamental today because of the opposition they form, though we should not overdo the temperamental outbursts.

Mercury has been retrograde since yesterday, which is why we have been challenged since then to keep our thought apparatus well and truly in gear. This could also concern a neighbourly dispute, for example, which would only break out, however, if we were to pay back in kind. For example, according to the motto "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth", as it says in the Old Testament.

But this quote is completely misinterpreted. - Incidentally, my maths teacher corrected me at the time when I had used exactly this sentence once, referring to a "completely wrong" result of an arithmetic problem. He said to me, and of course to the whole class: There is no such thing as "completely wrong", neither in mathematics nor in any other field. There is only "wrong". Because it doesn't matter whether the result of your calculation is "1 and 1 = 3" or "1 and 1 = 4,326". The latter is not completely more wrong than the former, it is simply wrong. - OK?

O.K. And now we come back to our important quotation from the Bible, which is simply misinterpreted. It is not meant that you should knock out someone else's tooth if he knocks out your tooth, but it is connected with a warning. A warning! And that means: If you knock someone's tooth out, you have to expect that in the course of your life or your future incarnations, a tooth will also be knocked out! - OK?

That is the right and great statement! And with that, we have already put retrograde Mercury in its place and corrected it in this regard today!


Moonrise: 14:16. - Moonset: 06:38. - From 17:11: waxing Moon in Cancer.

Cancer Moon means: Emotional emphasis - domesticity - attachment to the family - creative abilities - ability to imitate. But also anxiety - seeking support - dependencies on the environment.

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Daily aspects

Time Aspects
10:09 AM Moon → Cancer
5:33 PM Moon Trine Jupiter

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