Horoscope for December

Monthly Horoscope December: All Important Astrological Events

Overview of all planetary positions in December
Horoscope for December

Monthly Horoscope December: All Important Astrological Events

Overview of all planetary positions in December

Monthly Horoscope December: All Important Astrological Events

The Best Days for You in December 2021

We have the most important days in December 2021, which will affect you according to their planetary alignment and positioning. These configurations apply equally to all twelve Zodiac Signs, and this forecast is the general view of the stars – Mundane Astrology.

The current planetary positions for all Zodiac Signs are always available to read in our weekly horoscopes. In addition, our daily horoscopes describe the effects of the good, the less favorable, and the critical influences of the stars.

In this monthly overview, we focus on the favorable influences. We take what we can from the information we receive and use them to improve our daily lives.

Astrology helps all that is life!


The first week December 1 - December 5: New Moon in Sagittarius

The New Moon in Sagittarius forms a good foundation for new beginnings. The simultaneous total solar eclipse will likely stir things anywhere between adventure and risk-taking. 

Wednesday, December 1:

Sun ⚹extile Saturn provides realism, perseverance, reason, and endurance, while the Moon trine Jupiter provides optimism, patronage, sympathy, and moments of happiness.

Thursday, December 2:

The Moon conjunct Neptune and Venus brings about sensitivity, sentimentality, intuition, and spirituality, as well as grace, charm, feelings of love, and a warm attitude towards your partner.

Sunday, December 5:

Today, the Moon ⚹extile Jupiter can bring us helpfulness, tiny benefits, gifts, feelings of happiness, a sound bargaining chip with superiors and authorities, and possible visits. You may also receive a phone call or visit from your mom or a motherly figure, and you may feel more emotional than usual, although it's a positive interaction. 


The second week December 6 - December 12: A wonderful week

Monday, December 6:

Mars ⚹extile Pluto makes us energetic, adventurous, tireless, and triggers our aggression, so you need to cool it if someone annoys you and approach things rationally. The Moon trine Uranus creates ambition, a sure instinct, and willpower though you can expect positive surprises. The Moon ⚹extile Neptune makes us sensitive, intuitive, and open to spiritual stimulation. It's an excellent day to express yourself through music or artistic expression.

December Horoscope

Tuesday, December 7:

Today the Moon conjunct Venus brings a lot of romance to the table. If you have a partner, spoil them with their favorite things, or cook them a meal that comes from the heart. If single, there is a chance you will meet someone. Have fun shopping for clothes and jewelry this day as you prepare for the holidays!

Thursday, December 9:

Today, the Moon collaborates with Jupiter, which may bring us good luck, subtle joy, protection, gifts, and recognition for work well done.

Friday, December 10:

There is a ⚹extile between the Moon and Uranus today, bringing us interesting news or the opportunity to experience something extraordinary. You may find yourself shocked emotionally over unexpected events, so try your best to control your emotions if you hear of any over-the-top news- a level head makes better decisions. This news may come from your mother or a mother figure in your life.

Saturday, December 11:

On this day, numerous advantageous planetary alignments will bring us many benefits along with them. Indeed, something is guaranteed to be there in the numerous areas affected today. The most crucial influence will affect the whole area of communication (Mercury ⚹extile Jupiter), which will be favorable professionally, financially, and personally. In addition, the areas of love, art, intuition, power, energy, and courage will all be activated today, so be ready for some excitement and positive movement! 

Horoscope December for all zodiac signs

Third week: December 13 - December 19: Mercury in Capricorn and a new Full Moon

Monday, December 13:

An all-important event happens today as Mars enters Sagittarius. This energy makes us more coordinated for our love of sports and sparks an inclination to be extravagant and self-express. There may also be an inclination towards international travel. However, hiking in the woods with some friends will be fun if this doesn't happen. You may also be eager to start studying something new and may want to look at online courses.

Another layer of today's energy comes as Mercury enters Capricorn today. Mercury is not so comfortable in this position as Capricorn energy forces Mercury to slow down and make communication a bit more restrictive and organized. This day we must practice more perseverance towards our goals, diligence with our routines, restraint in impactful ways, and frugality where it matters most.

Tuesday, December 14:

The Moon and Mercury allow for great opportunities in communication and understanding. The Moon and Jupiter also bestow small fortunes, helpfulness, optimism, popularity, and financial benefits.

Thursday, December 16:

Today the Moon makes significant aspects to Neptune, Venus, and Pluto. This allows for marvelous opportunities as we change in how we get our intuitive messages, tapping into artistic talents, love, harmony, personal hygiene, and assertiveness, which includes our sensual needs.

Friday, December 17:

The ability to focus hard on work is possible today as The Moon trines Saturn. First, however, it will be essential to take care of serious business and negotiate with older people and people who hold authoritative positions.

Sunday, December 19:

Today the Moon makes a lovely trine with Jupiter. This alignment points to spending more bonding time with mom or even getting into the kitchen and having fun cooking and baking. It will be a lucky day overall, so have fun with it! 


What happens in the starry sky in December

Fourth week December 20 - December 26: The Sun moves into Capricorn

Monday, December 20:

There is an excellent ⚹extile between the Sun and Jupiter today, which is always fortuitous. In Greek mythology, the Sun is Apollo, one of the favorite children of Zeus (Jupiter). Therefore, it is a great day to spend some time with your father. Today and tomorrow bring us luck in all areas of our lives. So have fun being creative and spend some time around children, if possible.

Mercury trines Uranus, and this is an excellent time for communication, especially where you have to be assertive – such as debating or heading up meetings. However, there may also be pleasant surprises that come out of the shadows. 

Tuesday, December 21:

Today is the beginning of Winter, and the Moon and Neptune provide inspiring thoughts, creative gifts, and a lot of compassion.

Wednesday, December 22:

Today anything is possible as you will have a lot of strength and courage thanks to the tremendous energy of the Moon and Mars.

Friday, December 24, Christmas Eve:

Thanks to the positive conjunction between the Moon and Sun, there will be a great understanding between one another. Usually, this also indicates that parents will get along smoothly today – both feminine (the Moon) and male (the Sun) forces.

However, there is a square between Saturn and Uranus, which may cause a lot of unrest. Don't let this bother you too much. If there are any quarrels in the family dynamics, remind everyone it is the holiday season, and love and appreciation for one another conquer all. 

Saturday, December 25, Christmas Day:

Today, love is in the air as Venus conjuncts Pluto, creating an intensity for love and sensual contact. Creative activity will also be evident. The Moon trines Uranus making joyful surprises pop up, and the Moon and Mercury will provide good entertainment. So enjoy today with your loved ones and enjoy all the food and pleasure that the day brings!

Sunday, December 26, St. Stephen's Day:

Neptune ⚹extiles Mercury today, providing a lot of imagination, inspiration, a good grasp of spiritual connections, and a sense of dread toward coming events. But, of course, there's also a lot of love involved, so take it all in! 


The Sun moves into Capricorn

Here's what comes after Christmas

Monday, December 27:

Today there is a conjunction between the Moon, Mars, and Saturn. This provides a lot of energy, strength, and enterprise, perseverance, diligence, and a sense of duty. However, you will feel like you need to have more control over certain aspects of your life and better organization – especially towards things that are handled in the upcoming new year.

Tuesday, December 28:

The Moon trines Jupiter providing small heartwarming moments, feelings of wellbeing, and helpfulness towards one's tasks. It's also an excellent day to spend time bonding with your mother or mother figure or by taking time to think about their positive influence, if possible.

Wednesday, December 29:

Jupiter enters the sign of Pisces today, so you can expect very favorable circumstances and opportunities in the next six months. Our weekly horoscope will detail that event when it arrives, so stay up to date. It is a significant planetary placing, as you must watch boundaries, so be careful not to drink too much alcohol or take in too many substances while celebrating the holidays.

Mercury conjuncts Venus today, causing exceptional conditions for communication, resulting in the feminine being very receptive. So, please take note of all those who are looking for love! Deep affection will be on the minds of all, so if you were thinking of a romantic gesture for your partner, go ahead and do it! You may even want to go on a road trip together.

Thursday, December 30:

Once again, today is a special day with numerous celestial alignments and planetary configurations that will benefit us all. A ⚹extile between Mars and Saturn makes us determined and persistent, which will last for about five days, so get done all the activities you need to complete before year's end.

The conjunction between Mercury and Pluto gives us persuasive power, which will still work tomorrow- New Year's Eve. This is a great day for singles searching for love – go ahead and make that move, it is not the time to be shy! Love is definitely in the air.

Friday, December 31, New Year's Eve:

Today, the positive effects of yesterday's constellations and planetary configurations are still working. We wish everyone a Happy New Year !!! Go out, be merry, have fun and be safe!

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