Cancer horoscope for January

Cancer horoscope for January

You should check whether your work load is maybe a bit too much
Cancer horoscope for January

Cancer horoscope for January

You should check whether your work load is maybe a bit too much

Cancer horoscope for January

Working life

The coming weeks will be a test for your self discipline. Quick successes lead you into becoming negligent and overestimating yourself. Jupiter interacting with your sun position makes you spend too much. That is quite risky for your finances, you could be broke quicker than you thought. You have the choice - either pull yourself together and avoid the damage - or you will only learn from it when the damage is done.


You should check whether your work load is maybe a bit too much. In the coming weeks your motto for a healthy life should be to avoid stress. It doesn't get you anywhere to first ruin your ability to work and then your health with your excessive work load. Rather focus your ambition on a healthy work-life balance. If need be, seek professional advice for this.

Love and partnership

Interaction with other people seems to be difficult. You tend to be excessively egotistical and not consider other people around you. Whoever gets to know you in this phase will certainly find you very unpleasant. You should try at least a bit to counteract this behaviour. If you are in a serious relationship you are lucky - your partner will firmly put an end to your flight of fancy and bring you back to earth.

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