Leo horoscope for January

Leo horoscope for January

You realize once again that inner satisfaction cannot be measured in money
Leo horoscope for January

Leo horoscope for January

You realize once again that inner satisfaction cannot be measured in money

Leo horoscope for January

Love and partnership

In the coming weeks you may have meaningful encounters which may turn out to be groundbreaking for your future life. It's important that you keep an open mind. You have to be willing to listen and to show an interest in others even if you feel more like expressing yourself. Hold back and see how much you can benefit from this.


You realize once again that inner satisfaction cannot be measured in money. Don't worry so much about your bank account but listen to your inner voice. Detach yourself from everyday business as much as possible and go into retreat – going on a short journey to somwehere remote is ideal. Here you can work out what's missing in your life.

Working life

You are doing good work and are receiving recognition for it. This makes you somewhat vain. You quickly become egotistical and disparaging towards others. In addition, thanks to your Jupiter-sun constellation, you have a tendency to buy expensive assets in which you quickly lose interest. If you keep going on like this, you'll soon find yourself in a dead end.

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