Sagittarius horoscope for January

Sagittarius horoscope for January

You feel full of energy and strength and enjoy good health
Sagittarius horoscope for January

Sagittarius horoscope for January

You feel full of energy and strength and enjoy good health

Sagittarius horoscope for January

Working life

Everything is going like clockwork at work at the moment. It might not be the big promotion yet but you are being praised and appreciated. Your boss is very satisfied with the results you provide and appreciates both your assiduity and your organized working method. You might even be given bigger tasks with greater responsibility – a chance you should take advantage of.


You feel full of energy and strength and enjoy good health. You might be lacking the necessary verve to exercise and do sports. Look for some like-minded people to motivate each other and to exercise together. You will find out that this pleasant physical feeling can be enhanced even further.

Love and partnership

You mostly get along well with people at present. You show others a lot of tolerance and understanding; so you're able to avoid difficulties most of the time. Even highly annoying people find it hard to ruffle you. You might even get one or two complicated relationships back on track.

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