Horoscope for October

Monthly Horoscope October 2021

The most important astrological events in October for all zodiac signs
Horoscope for October

Monthly Horoscope October 2021

The most important astrological events in October for all zodiac signs

Monthly Horoscope October 2021

The best hours and days in October 2021

We have listed here for you the best hours and days of October 2021. These dates and times are the most satisfactory from the general point of view of the stars (Mundane Astrology). If this doesn't happen for you, there may be aspects of your personal and individual horoscope that may not be playing along so well at the moment and why the effects could be toned down.

Shorter positive alignments that only last a few hours are listed and discussed separately in the daily horoscopes.

The current planetary positions and the effects on the individual zodiac signs can be read in our respective weekly horoscopes.





Friday, October 1:

Venus and Jupiter make us charming, sociable and enjoyable

Since there is a square between the two benefactors Venus and Jupiter, not only do the positive qualities of the two planets come into play but also the exaggeration factor which Jupiter is known for and the effects it has on all areas of our lives.

This could start with shopping. For those who have the money, luxury purchases are of course not important, but everyone else tends to spend a lot of money on clothes, jewellery, and beautiful objects of art. Restraint would probably be appropriate.

This aspect is a feel-good alignment for many of us because we now feel comfortable in our own skin, are sociable, and are in a good mood. Which of course also has a positive effect on our relationships. When a friendly mood arises in us, it clearly rubs off on our entire environment. The duration of this aspect is about 2 - 3 days.






Monthly horoscope October

Saturday, 2 October 2021:

Passionate and strong sense of love

Venus and Pluto form a favourable ⚹extile with each other today, which is why love and friendship are very important for us. We have an urgent need to communicate our affections to our love partners and also to those we hold dear.

Of course, a new partnership could develop or even deepen today with these very powerful emotions. But, Pluto is not known for superficialities, he wants all the happiness on earth in conjunction with the Goddess of Love.

If happiness is to be lasting, then one must also take into account the good qualities of the other planets, and these are, for example, tolerance, indulgence, consideration, honesty, helpfulness, and above all, love of one's neighbour. Unfortunately, many people only understand love as self-love.

Duration: 2 - 3 days.




Monday, 4 October 2021:

Best conditions for trade and change and all communication

This positive trine connection between Mercury and Jupiter, which we already described yesterday, becomes exact today. Since the effects unfortunately only last 1 - 2 days, you should try to use them as well as you can.

Mercury and Jupiter now basically favour the whole area of communication, and among them also trade and change- purchases and sales are also advantageous.

The luck of Jupiter, however, will probably be less the automatic distribution of its gifts, but rather, in cooperation with Mercury. It opens our minds and therefore makes us aware of favourable able opportunities, which we should then take advantage of.

Of course, the mental and written sphere is also favoured, and Mercury will therefore provide favourable ideas, but the ideas will still have to be written down. We will not be spared the hard work, but the results are under good stars, and dissemination is Jupiter's sphere of action.

The fields of law, contracts, foreign countries, religion, and philosophy are favored.




Monthly horoscope October

Wednesday, October 6, 2021:

New Moon in Libra: harmony and fighting spirit

Today the New Moon takes place in Libra, which means that the Sun and the Moon are very close together in so-called conjunction in the sign of harmony, friendliness, and balance. This is precisely what Libra, which is ruled by Venus, is all about.

But also the masculine impulse giver and the bundle of energy Mars is currently in Libra and therefore also forms a conjunction with the Moon and the Sun.

However, the Moon-Mars conjunction makes you impatient, irritable and often leads to impulsive outbursts of emotion. Sometimes, therefore, one acts too quickly without having thought much about it. Another effect of this aspect is that you are now attracted to self-confident and courageous feminine energy.

The Sun-Mars conjunction causes us to have a fighting spirit and very resolute behaviour. Used correctly and not exaggeratedly, these are favorable prerequisites to start a new project now.

Libra, Gemini, Aquarius, Leo, and Sagittarius deal with these new moon energies the best.

Virgo, Scorpio, Taurus, and Pisces will also be affected, but shouldn't feel it too bad.

At the moment, Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn have tense angles. They are not likely to feel much of a harmonious influence coming from this Libra energy. This encourages a brand new start in any area at the moment- but they have enough to do with their daily tasks anyway.




Monthly horoscope October

Thursday, October 7:

Venus in Sagittarius causes longing for love and striving for art

Venus in Sagittarius causes us to long for love and desire art that is guided by ideals. In the area of love, we are looking for a partner with whom not only erotic fulfilment is possible, but also spiritual harmony. Which of course, is a wonderful ideal that does exist, but unfortunately is relatively rare.

If you are able to meet the needs of Jupiter in Sagittarius- these are aspirations in the religious, philosophical, and idealistic sphere, and combine that with the forces of Venus- which is bent on harmony, love, and the development of art - then you will one day be rewarded with your ideal partner. But most of us still have a long way to go in our development.



Friday, 8 October 2021:

Lots of power and energy from the Sun and Mars

Today the Sun and Mars joined together in an energy that will release a lot of strength and energy in us. You should definitely be physically active today, and if that's not possible in the professional sphere, then it may manifest in your free time because sitting still will be difficult for many today.

But of course, you should also be careful not to act too impulsively. Using caution is absolutely necessary while in traffic, using machines and sharp metal objects. All of these are the areas of Mars. Otherwise, today and even tomorrow are perfectly suited to start a new project full of verve.



Sunday, October 10, 2021:

Mercury and Mars make us quick-witted

Mercury and Mars go conjunct today, which is why Mercury's strength of thought and Mars' quickness of action are so concentrated. The positive effects are astuteness, great verbal formulations, and quick-wittedness.

Of course, there are also negative manifestations, and these are also obvious, namely in the area of rashness. Either we let ourselves be carried away by hasty and ill-considered statements. When we act too hastily we regret it afterwards.

It is, therefore, therefore, advisable today not to open our mouths until we have taken time to think through the answer. Because we know that once words have been spoken, they cannot be taken back!




Monthly horoscope October

Wednesday, 13 October 2021:

Sincerity and reliability in relationships

Today Venus and Saturn join in a positive ⚹extile that will lift our self-esteem, self-control, and self-discipline. This aspect also has us reacting in a matter-of-fact, realistic, discreet, measured, and tactful manner. Which rewards us with pleasing reactions.

In the area of relationships, this ⚹extile brings about sincerity and reliability, which is also very pleasing. It also points to relationships with a significant age difference, which are now also under good under these stars.

Old love does not rust, even if there are always "differences of opinion". And that is why today is also the ideal day to point out the beginnings of love relationships because these wonderful times should not be forgotten.




Friday, 15 October 2021:

Auspicious conjunction between the Sun and Jupiter

Today there is an auspicious, trine connection between the Sun and Jupiter that extends to all areas of your life. Success, luck in a particular area, recognition, good health or well-being, all of this and much more can occur or will occur in many cases.

The areas of law and justice, religion, and philosophy are appearing clearly for many of us. Promotions from highly placed people can also be expected. So we can be curious about what will happen today and tomorrow.

Duration: 2 days.






Sunday, 17 October 2021:

Strong sense of harmony and beauty

Today there is the positive ⚹extile connection between Mercury and Venus, which will awaken our sense of harmony and beauty, our creativity, and our art of formulation and can otherwise be a suave and perhaps diplomatic way of expressing ourselves.

These are probably also wonderful qualities that are very suitable to share with our family, our friends and acquaintances and of course our bosses and work colleagues.

It is advisable to organise organize a social gathering today because you will experience joy under these wonderful placements. And since the divine insight "He who gives, to him will be given" always applies, one can count on the fact that this commitment to our dear and estimable people will also be returned one day ensuring that such pleasant get-togethers will take place again.




Monthly horoscope October

Monday 18 October 2021:

Jupiter and Mercury go direct again

Today Jupiter and Mercury go direct again. For both planets, this means they are now back to full power. The possibilities for expansion are again favoured by Jupiter, - provided, of course, that one acts sensibly and does not engage in excessive exaggerations. As far as Mercury is concerned, normal communication will go back to business as usual.

Who is particularly favoured by Jupiter and Mercury at the moment can be read in our weekly horoscope.


Tuesday, 19 October 2021:

Lucky constellation due to Mars and Jupiter

Today Mars and Jupiter join in a favourable trine, which is why the good qualities of the two planets will come to the forefront, lasting for about five more days.

This good fortune, however, refers to the energy of Mars that each of us experiences in our own ways, and less to so-called Lady Luck. The Mars energy will become active through our actions and will then be optimally supported by Jupiter as the expansion planet.

We should take advantage of these opportunities during these five days. Energy and expansion possibilities are now optimally connected with each other, and those who act sensibly and assess their possibilities well and do not exaggerate. Caution should be taken because Jupiter tends to exaggerate.



Wednesday, October 20, 2021:

The Full Moon in combative Aries brings the danger of quarrels

The Sun and the Moon are opposite each other during this Full Moon in opposition, which basically brings the opposites between the masculine and the feminine to the forefront. These opposites are necessary because they complement each other, but in this day and age, people may not really want to see that. The ego of Aries dominates, Aries wants to be free and independent, and this Full Moon addresses the axis Aries / Libra, the male / female axis.

Many relationships have already broken down under this Full Moon in Aries. We should bear this in mind because no rash decisions should be made during these days. After all, the effects of the Full Moon and the New Moon begins three days before and continue three days after the event.



Monthly horoscope October

Saturday 23 October 2021:

The Sun enters the sign of Scorpio

Today the Sun moves into Scorpio, which is why Scorpios are now celebrating their birthdays. We would like to offer our warmest birthday wishes.

Scorpio's strengths are courage, fearlessness, passion, tenacity, fighting ability, and healing skills. All these serve them to secure their existence. Their weaknesses are jealousy, occasional overconfidence, and some are downright addicted to constant conflict.

If they restrain their passion and their insatiability and direct their aim in life towards the higher development of their soul, the inexhaustible sources of the cosmos are within their reach.

And that is a delightful goal worth living for. In a word, this is a true challenge for every Scorpio!


Thursday, October 28, 2021:

Luck and success in love matters

The ⚹extile between Venus and Jupiter brings many of us happiness and success in love matters, distant enjoyment, and a strong need for beauty, art, and harmony. We are largely cheerful, charming, sociable, amiable, and lighthearted. Which is this is why you make friends quickly during this time. This is also good for money matters. For, many of us this will be a nice time to take advantage of.

Duration: about 3 days.


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