Horoscope for week 3 (1/18 - 1/24)

Horoscope for week 3 (1/18 - 1/24)

Horoscope for week 3 (1/18 - 1/24)

Aries horoscope for week 3 (1/18 - 1/24)
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At your work place you can convince others with your ideas and the validity of certain useful concepts. You even manage difficult tasks quite e asily and are able to effortlessly adjust to new situations.  read more

Taurus horoscope for week 3 (1/18 - 1/24)
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When seeking diversion you'll be very resourceful. Make use of your added strength and perseverance to get you started.  read more

Gemini horoscope for week 1 (1/18 - 1/24)
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Being fair-minded about your own interests and those of your lover will bring about mutual respect; especially if you live in a long-term relationship, you're able to make the necessary compromises that will stand the test of time. If you're single the chances of success are good too, thanks to your confident appearance you make a lasting impression on those you meet..  read more

Cancer horoscope for week 3 (1/18 - 1/24)
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A very productive week, you're advancing towards your goals, but not at the expense of others. Your ideas and concepts are greatly appreciated by your colleagues and superiors.  read more

Don't forget to always make the time and energy for your health, especially when confronted with the excitement that's apparent. Only when you have a healthy body, can your mind function in an equally healthy way.  read more

Your confidence is appreciated by your colleagues at work. You've every chance to rack up successes with your enthusiastic approach.  read more

Libra horoscope for week 1 (1/18 - 1/24)
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For a healthier life it's important to create rest periods for yourself and look for counter-balance by incorporating physical exercise and fitness training into your routine. But keep your hands off any artificial or chemical substances!  read more

Scorpio horoscope for week 3 (1/18 - 1/24)
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You are rather irritable and risk suddenly losing your self-control, especially when engaging in physical exercise. Your bad temper can get you wound up over the slightest issue.  read more

Sagittarius horoscope for week 3 (1/18 - 1/24)
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Instead of only getting results born out of impatience and moodiness, you should try to make the most of the positive aspects of your workload and encourage your colleagues. If you feel that you're not able to achieve this type of approach at all, it might be wise to completely withdraw and to relax; even if it's only for a day – after that, things will be noticeably easier..  read more

Capricorn horoscope for week 1 (1/18 - 1/24)
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Over the coming weeks you'll feel really healthy. Make use of your inner drive and ensure your physical well-being with exercise.  read more

Aquarius horoscope for week 3 (1/418- 1/24)
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You're driven by your ambition and unfortunately, this can make you oblivious to how your colleagues might feel. Take a long hard look at the way you conduct yourself.  read more

Pisces horoscope for week 3 (1/18 - 1/24)
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You are in perfect shape health wise. If you've been pondering for long over whether or not to take out your running shoes or initiate a bike work out, then now is the time to do so.  read more

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