Gemini horoscope for week 16 (4/19 - 4/25)

Gemini horoscope for week 16 (4/19 - 4/25)

You feel as if you could move mountains
Gemini horoscope for week 16 (4/19 - 4/25)

Gemini horoscope for week 16 (4/19 - 4/25)

You feel as if you could move mountains

Gemini horoscope for week 16 (4/19 - 4/25)

Love and partnership

You can be sure that your partner won't mind if you go overboard and act frivolously now and again. Such passionate and exciting activity is exhilarating for a relationship. However, you shouldn't overdo it! If every now and then you shift down a gear and respect the needs of your lover, you won't have any problems, either in bed or your daily interaction with each other.


You're tackling more tasks with seeming ease. You should set aside some time to consider your health. Nothing is ever worth injuring yourself for. While exercising be sure you're not exerting yourself in the beginning. A comprehensive warm-up is as important as rest periods. Even if it seems insignificant, you can strain muscles far more easily than you might think.

Working life

You feel as if you could move mountains. Get ready to use this new found power within your work situation! Show others what you're capable of; who knows, maybe a promotion is waiting for you. But be careful! Try not to overwhelm colleagues with your persistent approach and optimism. Especially in competitive situations - you should not assert yourself too much.

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Horoscope for week 16 (4/19 - 4/25)
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This could be a great week for your love life


Because you're content with your current achievements, right now is...


You feel as if you could move mountains


Your ambition cannot be overlooked, especially not in regard to you...


You're not behaving very diplomatically and your lover is feeling t...


It's difficult for you to control your irritability with your partn...


Investigate how you could advance your career


You should stop worrying about your problems


Suppressed anger weighs heavily on your mind, leading to frustratio...


Even if you currently feel full of energy, it's important you reall...


You feel particularly powerful, brimming with potent reserves of en...


You need to exercise self-control; you're unduly aggravated by the...

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