Horoscope for week 19 (5/10 - 5/16)

In the 19th week 2021 we will experience the new moon in Taurus

Horoscope for week 19 (5/10 - 5/16)
Horoscope for week 19 (5/10 - 5/16)

In the 19th week 2021 we will experience the new moon in Taurus

Horoscope for week 19 (5/10 - 5/16)

In the 19th week 2021 we will experience the new moon in Taurus

In the 19th week 2021 we will experience the new moon in Taurus on Tuesday, May 11th.

the IceMen (traditional cold snap) with Pankratius, Servatius, Bonifatius and the cold Sophie from May 12th, until May 15th, hopefully, let us get away with it lightly and protect us with their icy temperatures; and on Friday, May 14th, the lucky planet Jupiter moves to the Zodiac sign Pisces.

There are also three nice aspects that will support us with their beneficial properties:

On Wednesday, May 12th, the ⚹extile between Mars and Uranus, will bring us extraordinary energies, enthusiasm, inventiveness, technical skill and a desire for freedom. Duration: About 5 days.

And on the same day, there is also the trine between Mercury and Saturn, which will make us ambitious, logical, diligent, and conscientious. Here the influence lasts only 1 - 2 days.

Weekly horoscope 19

On Thursday, May 13th, Ascension Day, the favorable ⚹extile between the sun and Neptune will take effect, which will convey to us refined feelings and sensations, good taste and love for everything beautiful as well as a strong sense of art.


The new moon in Taurus gives us the joy of living.

From 8:59 to 10:59 PM, the new Moon is in Taurus, which the goddess of love rules, so it is no wonder that she will now emanate a lot of joie de vivre, cordiality, sensual joys, benevolence and harmony. That's just how she is, and we should be very grateful to her that she will now send us her wonderful gifts to us.


Who has the best opportunities to start something new and bring it to a successful conclusion now?

The best prospects with this New Moon in Taurus are now for Taurus people themselves, Virgo and Capricorn, Cancer and Pisces. The stake will pay off, especially if you don't give up after 7 days when the first square between the Moon and the Sun comes up!

A little less preferred are Aries and Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius. But with appropriate commitment, the somewhat lower preference can also be made up for!

The least preferred at the moment are Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius. However, after this lunar orbit, the situation will improve a lot for these three Zodiac signs in 28 days.


The planet of happiness, Jupiter, moves to the sign Pisces.

On May 14th Jupiter leaves the sign Aquarius and moves to the Zodiac sign Pisces, where he will stay until July 28th, 2021, before he turns retrograde and returns to Aquarius.

Weekly Horoscope 19

Jupiter, the planet of high ideals and happiness, is co-ruler in the Zodiac sign Pisces. Neptune's ruler is the representative of the higher, divine love, so, with this union of the two planets, wonderful, lofty and lucky conditions are given. And we will also experience happiness if we act accordingly with Jupiter in Pisces, the sign of charity. Because whoever gives, is given to him, is a divine truth that always applies and always comes true. Everything comes back, for better or for worse.

And the love of art, music, literature, theatre and the interest in the paranormal is now also aroused since Neptune will appear very strongly. The artists of all branches now also have a good time, because here, too, Neptune with his intuitions or inspirations will be effective. And these wonderful conditions now last two months and a week, until July 28th.


Who is most favored by Jupiter now?

For about nine weeks, Jupiter in Pisces will mostly profuse its benefits to Pisces themselves, Cancer, and Scorpio, as well as Taurus and Capricorn. So many wishes will come true now!

A little less favored are Aries and Aquarius as well as Leo and Libra. But with diligent and conscious effort, good results can still be achieved.

Since Jupiter can also be arrogant and cocky when things are tense and can even display completely oversized features, caution is advised with Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius. So, the reason is required, and if you act sensibly, nothing will happen.



Current overview of the status of the most important planets this week:


Sun - Self, Vitality and joie de vivre

When the Sun is in Taurus, people born under this sign are favored by solar vitality, and so are Virgo and Capricorn, Cancer and Pisces.

Aries and Gemini as well as Sagittarius and Libra take advantage of the strong energy of the Sun. The energies should, however, be used sensibly on one side so that body, soul and spirit remain in harmony.

Aquarius, Leo and Scorpio should now take a gentle cycle, as there are challenging angles. Now Sun's forces should be used wisely, requiring physical restraint, relaxing walks, lots of sleep and a healthier diet.


Weekly horoscope 19

Mercury - communication, money and job

When Mercury is in Gemini, the greatest advantages in communications, work, and finance come from Gemini themselves, Aquarius and Libra, Aries and Leo.

With a little more effort than usual, Mercury will reward the Taurus and Cancer as well as Capricorn and Scorpio.

Precise thinking and logically exact conclusions, so that no misunderstandings and errors arise, are now required of Sagittarius, Pisces, and Virgo.


Venus - love, art and luxury

Since Venus stand in Gemini now, Gemini people are particularly favored then also Aquarius, Libra as well as Aries and Leo. So strong love times, also wonderful times for art and beauty!

With a little more initiative than usual, however, Venus will also ensure good love times for Taurus and Cancer, as well as for Capricorn and Scorpio.

Sagittarius, Pisces, and Virgo may now experience particular restrictions in the areas of love, harmony and aesthetics due to the tense angles towards Venus. So, if you are served a less than perfect meal during this time, please try to understand! Even Venus is not always in top form when cooking!


Mars - Energy, Initiatives and Health

When Mars is in Cancer, the domestic and aspiring energies are felt most by Cancer people themselves, Pisces and Scorpio, as well as Taurus and Virgo.

Gemini and Leo as well as Sagittarius and Aquarius can also benefit from the Martian energy in Cancer. Those who take initiatives now will definitely be rewarded.

Aries, Libra, and Capricorn are currently involved in tense aspects, so they are probably less addressed by the current Martian energies. Physical rest would now be advisable, long walks, a healthier diet and plenty of sleep.


Jupiter - happiness, success and well-being

Jupiter will be in Pisces from May 14th, 2021 to July 28th, 2021, when it will return to Aquarius on July 28th, 2021. However, at the moment Jupiter while staying in Pisces offers the Pisces people themselves, Cancer and Scorpio as well as Taurus and Capricorn the greatest opportunities and chances.

Aries and Aquarius, as well as Leo and Libra can also be satisfied with Jupiter.

Virgo, Gemini, and Sagittarius should not get involved in oversized projects. So be careful not to exceed. You should definitely be reasonable.


Saturn Limitations, Trials, and Rewards

Saturn continues to reside in Aquarius, so its challenges are felt most by Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio. It now demands a lot of effort in all areas of life so that stable conditions can also be achieved in the future.

Pisces and Capricorn as well as the Cancer and Virgo are less challenged at present.

Most of the support from Saturn currently goes to Gemini, Libra, Aries and Sagittarius.


The effects of the planets.

These planets' constellations we have discussed flow into us constantly, with different effects, but they also change constantly. “Everything flows”, said the ancient Greeks.

So, there is a constant change in the qualities of the influences, from tense to pleasant and happy. And every one of us is treated individually by the Creator of the cosmos according to his karma, and the experience serves our higher development. Even if we are not aware of it sometimes. But he alone has an overview of his entire work of creation, which includes each one of us.

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