Horoscope for the 2nd week (10.1. - 16.1.)

Weekly Horoscope: How to Survive a Mercury Retrograde?

Horoscope for the 2nd week (1/10 - 1/16)
Horoscope for the 2nd week (10.1. - 16.1.)

Weekly Horoscope: How to Survive a Mercury Retrograde?

Horoscope for the 2nd week (1/10 - 1/16)

Weekly Horoscope: How to Survive a Mercury Retrograde?

On Friday, 1/14, Mercury turns retrograde and will do so until 3 February 2022. So-called communication breakdowns must therefore be expected during this time. This can affect contracts and agreements, where we should pay very close attention, up to wrong conclusions. Mercury, the god of merchants, now becomes the god of thieves. Spiteful tongues claim that there is hardly any difference anyway. But whatever. So we shouldn't be surprised if a speeding ticket or something similar arrives in the post. Technical devices are also affected. Some now give up the machine ghost or no longer function well.

How to survive Mercury retrograde

Don't worry, we can all manage this time well because we are now warned and can be attentive. We should be especially careful if we want to sign contracts, have correspondence with authorities or companies, and the like during this time. It is best to double-check and have a friend look over it. Overall, the communicative sphere can be disturbed. Misunderstandings can happen more quickly than usual. We should also be especially vigilant if we suddenly receive a lot of compliments from a surprising source. We should also secure our belongings, especially during this time. Lock your bicycles, etc.

With Mercury in retrograde, there can always be delays and difficulties with news, travel, transport (bus, train, ship, and air traffic), and verbal agreements. Also, our technical devices are then always "responsive" to faults or give up their "mechanical life" altogether. How the individual signs of the zodiac react when their mobile phone is broken can also be read here:  The Mobile Phone Broken Theatre

We have no influence on general events at this time, but by acting correctly and sensibly we can prevent many things in our own sphere.

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The astrological overview for the 2nd week

On Monday, 10.1., the Moon forms a pleasant ⚹extile with Jupiter, which could bring a positive experience with superiors or authorities. Sympathy could also be gained, and our optimistic attitude, if we let it be known, - which today also comes from the two stars, - could find a positive echo. Money transactions could also go well. So this is a day to make the most of your opportunities!

On Tuesday, 11.1 ., the Sun and Neptune connect through a positive ⚹extile that brings about internalization and spiritualization. Imagination is heightened and also the capacity for enthusiasm in those who are enthusiastic now and then and also act accordingly. The longing for the distant can also make itself known today, and in a spiritual sense, this means that we are now longing for higher knowledge, whereby it would be good to also do something concretely for this. Duration: about 2 days.

On Wednesday, 12.1 ., the Moon enters into four positive connections, namely with Venus, Neptune, Sun, and Pluto, which is why the areas of love, harmony, and art; inspirations and charity, good understanding between the sexes as well as assertiveness and feelings of love will receive strong support. So something positive will probably affect each of us today. - Mercury is therefore not present today with the extraordinary benefits that the other stars give us, it, therefore "only" provides the normal dose of its mental powers.

Mercury is the only planet whose gender is considered neutral in traditional astrology when only 7 celestial bodies were considered. Male planets are Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, and females is Moon and Venus. But every woman has male planets in her birth chart, and every man female. And astrology makes no distinction between the sexes.

On Thursday, 13.1, the Moon and Jupiter form a square with each other, which is basically unfavorable for money matters, for official and legal channels, and also for travel. There could also be signs of wastefulness, and this does not necessarily always have to refer to the money you have in your pocket, which may be lose today. For example, if you throw things away today because they suddenly get on your nerves, - but for years before hardly at all, - that could also be a waste.

On Friday, 14.1, Mercury turns retrograde and will do so until 3 February 2022. So-called communication breakdowns must therefore be expected during this time. This can affect contracts and agreements, where we should pay very close attention, up to wrong conclusions. Mercury, the god of merchants, now becomes the god of thieves. Spiteful tongues claim that there is hardly any difference anyway. But whatever. So we shouldn't be surprised if a speeding ticket or something similar arrives in the post. Technical devices are also affected. Some are now giving up the ghost or no longer working well.

On Saturday, 15 Jan, there is not too much going on in terms of new transits. Moon and Mars make us temperamental today because of the opposition they form, though we shouldn't overdo the temperamental outbursts. Mercury has been retrograde since yesterday, so we have been challenged since then to keep our thought apparatus well and truly in gear. This could also concern a neighborly dispute, for example, which would only break out, however, if we were to pay back in kind. For example, according to the motto "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth", as it says in the Old Testament.

But this quote is completely misinterpreted. - Incidentally, my maths teacher corrected me at the time when I had used exactly this sentence once, referring to a "completely wrong" result of an arithmetic problem. He said to me, and of course to the whole class: There is no such thing as "completely wrong", neither in mathematics nor in any other field. There is only "wrong". Because it doesn't matter whether the result of your calculation is "1 and 1 = 3" or "1 and 1 = 4,326". The latter is not completely more wrong than the former, it is just wrong. - OK?

O.K. And now we come back to our quotation from the Bible, which is simply misinterpreted. It does not mean that you should knock out someone else's tooth if he knocks out your tooth, but it is connected with a warning. A warning! And it means: If you knock out someone's tooth, you have to expect that in the course of your life or your future incarnations you will also knock out a tooth! - OK? That is the right and great statement! And with that, we have already put retrograde Mercury in its place and corrected it today!


Wochenhoroskop 2

On Sunday, Jan. 16, the most important new transit is the conjunction between the Sun and Pluto. The Sun's life principle is thus very closely connected to Pluto, the planet of power and strength, which is known for its ability to brutally assert its interests. These forces are now pouring in on us from outside, far from outer space, on each and every one of us, and now it depends on how we react. And that, on the whole, is purely a matter of character and depends on how far we have developed our character so that the negative manifestations of the assertion of power do not become effective. One can overestimate one's powers and furiously engage in quarrels and confrontations, but one can also control oneself and assert one's own interests with reason and conviction.

So much for the overview of the information and the effects of these stellar events. Further information can be found in the respective daily horoscopes.

And now to the current overview of the position of the most important planets this week and the effects on the individual star signs: 

Sun - I, vitality, self-confidence and joie de vivre:

When the Sun is in Capricorn, Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, now has a stronger effect on us. This causes more concentration in us, by which is meant that we are now more committed to important things in life. Our sense of reality also increases, as does our stamina, our thoughtfulness, our diligence, our ambition, but also our loyalty to particularly valuable people. But despite the importance of these themes for our lives, we should not forget the muse for art and culture and also cultivate and enjoy these areas now.

So who benefits most from the Sun in Capricorn?

Most favored by the Sun in Capricorn now are the Capricorns themselves, the Taurus and Virgos, and the Pisces and Scorpios.

Also receiving much support from the Sun in Capricorn are the Aquarians and Sagittarians, as well as the Gemini and Leo.

The Cancerians, Aries, and Libra have tense angles at the moment, which is why one should actually take it easy physically now, otherwise the health area could be attacked. As compensation, further education would now be appropriate, but we should also not neglect care and experiences in the field of art and culture.

Mercury - communication, thinking, learning, money, and profession:

When mind planet Mercury is in Aquarius, we are intellectually versatile and more open to new and progressive matters than usual. We should also pay attention to our intuitions now, as many unusual ideas may come now. Friendships and humane thinking are also now emphasized, and interest in science, technology, literature, art and music also increases. Benefits and protection from friends could now also be.


Weekly horoscope 2

Who benefits most from Mercury in Aquarius now?

With Mercury in Aquarius, the Aquarians themselves, the Gemini and Libra, and the Aries and Sagittariusnow benefit the most.

The Pisces and Capricorns, as well as the Cancers and Virgos, can't complain either, they too will be swept along by Aquarius' new momentum, - if they don't oppose it, of course.

At the moment, perhaps the Lions, Taureans, and Scorpios are having a bit of a hard time with the new tendencies, as too much could possibly pour in on them all at once. Therefore, only act calmly, think about things little by little, that way it should go better, because Rome was not built in one day.

Attention: Mercury is retrograde from 14.1.2022 to 3. February 2022, which is why mindfulness and caution are advised in the entire field of communication.

Venus - love, beauty, harmony, luxury, possessions, and art:

Venus in Capricorn now brings about fidelity, responsibility, and consistency in partnerships. However, since Capricorn is conservative and also attaches great importance to material goods, there is a danger that we apply these qualities to the area of relationships, but they probably have not lost much there. In judgments in the field of art, we now also have a relatively conservative attitude and prefer the old and proven directions. In the love area, we are now rather shy or inhibited, but when left to our own devices we now have a need for recognition, prestige and success.

So who is most favored by Venus in Capricorn?

Most addressed by Venus in Capricorn now are the Capricorns themselves, the Taureans and Virgos, as well as the Pisces and Scorpios

 Aquarians and Sagittarians as well as Gemini and Leo also feel strongly addressed by the qualities of Capricorn. Those who make the first step and are willing to make certain "sacrifices" for their partner, or at least show a lot of accommodation, will certainly be rewarded.

 Libra and Aries as well as Cancer may have a bit of a hard time with the love area at the moment, as there are tense aspects. But soon things will be much better again.

Mars - energy, initiatives, courage, and health:

When the energy planet Mars is in Sagittarius, it takes on a friendly and optimistic note. There is now also an interest in religion, philosophy and esotericism, provided there is a basic interest in the individual, of course. Mars in Sagittarius now also gives us other assets that we could use, namely a good power of observation, openness, enthusiasm, a preference for sport and agility, persuasiveness, an open-mindedness for ideals, and also a desire for adventure.


Wochenhoroskop 2

So who is most favored with Mars in Sagittarius?

The most favored by Mars in Sagittarius now are Sagittarians themselves, Aries and Leo, as well as Aquarians and Libra.

After that come the Capricorns and Scorpios as well as the Taurus and Cancerians. They too now have a great deal of energy and strength at their disposal, which should be used in the right measure.

The Gemini, Virgo and Pisces have tense angles at the moment, which is why you should actually take it easy now, otherwise, your health could be attacked. Now you should think about a healthier life and put it into action, which you can achieve with enough sleep, a healthier diet, less hectic activity and sport or long walks.

Jupiter - Idealism, success, happiness, and well-being:

Jupiter generally represents the high ideals in life, religion, philosophy, law, and higher education as well as prosperity and happiness.

When Jupiter is in the sign of Pisces, this basically means for all signs that the qualities of the next-loving sign Pisces now become more prominent. For example, good-naturedness, modesty, social commitment, esoteric interests, the ability to meditate and mystical aspirations. But also the capacity for enjoyment and a great feeling for art, as well as love of literature and music and art, now become very important. The sign Pisces itself and the favorably illuminated signs are now very much favored by the lucky planet Jupiter in all areas of life!

So who is most favored by Jupiter in the sign of Pisces?

At present, the greatest advantages with Jupiter in Pisces are enjoyed by the Pisces themselves, the Cancers and Scorpios, and the Taureans and Capricorns

Satisfied with him can also be the Aries and Aquarians as well as the Lions and Libra.

Not too convincing now are the areas of Pisces perhaps for the Virgos, Gemini, and Sagittarius, as there are tense angles. It may well be that at the moment the so-called materialistic themes are more important to them, but one should not forget the idealistic aspirations that humanity needs, nor the commitment to fellow human beings, and the arts and culture are also part of this, which is, after all, necessary for our higher development.

Saturn - limitations, trials, delays, and rewards:

Saturn in Aquarius will now demand many trials from us in all possible areas of life, and further than demanding a tireless effort for reform, improvement, and renewal. The sense for world-improving plans, justice, and humanity should also be awakened in us, as well as thinking across generations. But one should also concentrate strongly on the plans of what is feasible and try to implement them.

So how does Saturn in Aquarius affect the various signs?

Most challenged by Saturn in Aquarius at present are the Aquarians themselves, the Lions, Taurus, and Scorpios. He now demands a lot of effort in all areas of life so that stable conditions can be achieved in the future.

Less demanded of him at present are the Pisces and Capricorns as well as the Cancers and Virgos.

The most support from Saturn is currently given to Gemini and Libra as well as Aries and Sagittarius.

The effects of the planets

All these constellations of the stars that have now been discussed have a constant influence on us, with varying effects, although they are also constantly changing. "Everything flows", that is why the ancient Greeks already said.

So there is a constant change in the qualities of the influences, from tense to pleasant and happy. And each one of us is treated individually by the Creator of the cosmos according to our karma, and in a precisely coordinated way, which all serves our higher development. Even if it sometimes does not seem so to us. But he alone has the overview of his entire work of creation, in which each and every one of us is included.

To you, dear readers

I wish you a good week, good thoughts, and many positive influences from the stars

Kurt Franz

and the entire astrosofa.com team.

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