Cancer horoscope for week 23 (6/7 - 6/13)

Cancer horoscope for week 23 (6/7 - 6/13)

When seeking diversion you'll be very resourceful
Cancer horoscope for week 23 (6/7 - 6/13)

Cancer horoscope for week 23 (6/7 - 6/13)

When seeking diversion you'll be very resourceful

Cancer horoscope for week 23 (6/7 - 6/13)


When seeking diversion you'll be very resourceful. Make use of your added strength and perseverance to get you started. Run some long distance, hit the bike pedals or push some weights, now you've the chance to do something good for your body and health. But even here common sense applies, approach activities with pleasure in mind rather than exasperation!

Love and partnership

Your partner finds you exhausting. Your assertiveness is frequently the basis for heated discussions between you. Remember you're facing the person who you love most! With a little patience and a kiss at the right moment it shouldn't be too difficult to avoid serious problems in your relationship. You should make use of your energy to stimulate some hot passion!

Working life

You feel extremely keyed up but not always able to put your energy to use in a positive way. Approaching tasks too hastily, without thinking them through can lead to repercussions and unexpected consequences. Therefore, you should think thoroughly about how to approach tasks and while working on the solutions, don't hesitate to accept a help from colleagues.

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Horoscope for week 23 (6/7 - 6/13)
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When seeking diversion you'll be very resourceful


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