Horoscope for the 41st week (11.10. - 17.10.)

Horoscope: Jupiter and Sun give luck for two days from Friday

Horoscope for the 41st week (11.10. - 17.10.)
Horoscope for the 41st week (11.10. - 17.10.)

Horoscope: Jupiter and Sun give luck for two days from Friday

Horoscope for the 41st week (11.10. - 17.10.)

Horoscope: Jupiter and Sun give luck for two days from Friday


Overview of the Most Important Astrological Events in the 41st week 2021 (11.10. - 17.10)

This week there are the following major events in the starry sky: On Wednesday, 14.10, there will be a ⚹extile between Venus and Saturn, which will lift our self-esteem, and sincerity and reliability will increase in the area of relationships. There will also be special connections made with those younger and/or older. It is a good time to get engaged and married. 

On Friday, Oct 15, there is an auspicious Trine between the Sun and Jupiter that extends to all areas of life. Success, luck in special areas, recognition, excelling in studies, and good health or well-being, may all occur, or will happen in many cases. The areas of law and justice, religion and philosophy are now also clearly appearing for many of us. Promotions from highly placed personalities can also be expected. So, open yourself up to the fortunes that may come your way. Duration: 2 days.

Weekly horoscope 41

On Sunday, Oct 17, there is a positive ⚹extile between Mercury and Venus, which will awaken our sense of harmony and beauty, our creative spirit and also our art of speech formulation, as far as it already exists, but otherwise at least in a very skillful and, perhaps, diplomatic way of expression.

The above is just an overview with brief information of the effects of these events. The detailed descriptions can be read in the respective daily horoscopes.

Current Overview of the Positions of the Most Important Planets this Week and the Effects on the Individual Zodiac Signs

Sun - I, Vitality, Self-Confidence and Joie de Vivre:

When the Sun is in Libra, our inner-striving for harmony is awakened, as is our sense of art and also our aesthetic sensibilities. For many of us, our charming nature, which is often hidden within us, comes to the fore. A friendly appearance in public, a strong commitment to partnership, and with it, an increased capacity for love, also become noticeable. No wonder, then, that all these qualities also fuel our joy in socializing.


weekly horoscope 41

So, who is most favored by the Sun in Libra?

The most favored by the Sun in Libra are Librans themselves, Geminis and Aquarians, as well as Leos and Sagittarians.

Then come Virgos and Scorpios, as well as Taureans and Pisceans. For them, too, the Sun's energy is now very strong, and with additional initiative, even more wishes will come true.

Cancerians, Capricorns and Aries (all Cardinal Modalities) have tense angles at the moment, which is why you should actually take it easy now, otherwise, the health area could be attacked.


Weekly horoscope 41

Mercury - Communication, Thinking, Learning, Money, Travel and Career:

In Libra , Mercury now takes on a kinder and more harmonious touch in our communal lives, as Venus rules the sign. We are now more open to cooperation, have more of a sense of beauty, and are more tactful, as well as more charming, in our behaviour. We are also very accessible to spiritual and creative forces, especially to the arts. In business and commerce, we now have the opportunity to be successful through balanced negotiations and a great deal of empathy. Mercury will be in Libra until 6 November 2021.

So, who is most favored by Mercury in Libra?

With Mercury in Libra, those most favored now are Librans themselves, Geminis and Aquarians, as well as Leos and Sagittarians.

Virgos and Scorpios, as well as Taureans and Pisceans can't complain either, as they now also benefit from Mercury's influences. It's important to note that those who are particularly active in the professional and communicative spheres will be additionally rewarded.

Cancerians, Capricorns and Aries (all Signs of the Cardinal Modality) should be careful not to make mistakes in logical conclusions and actions, because the current angles point towards superficiality and, perhaps, also to sloppiness. Caution is to be adhered to.


Weekly horoscope 41

Attention, act with caution when Mercury is retrograde!

Mercury is retrograde from 27.9.2021 to 18.10.2021.

During Mercury retrograde there can always be delays and difficulties in the area of communication, e.g. with news, travel, transport (bus, train, ship and air traffic), and also with contracts or verbal agreements. Even our technical devices may be "responsive" to faults or give up their "mechanical life" altogether. It is no coincidence that one of the biggest technical, communicative breakdowns recently occured when Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp went down for 6 hours after an update to Facebook routers, responsible for coordinating network traffic, went awry during this Mercury retrograde on October 4. 

One should also not purchase cars during this time and try prevent driving on the roads as much as possible, as there is a higher chance for motorvehicle accidents.

We have no influence on general events at this time, but by acting correctly and sensibly, we can prevent many things from occuring in our personal lives and around us.

Venus - Love, Beauty, Harmony, Luxury, Possessions and Art:

Venus in Sagittarius causes our longing for love and our striving for art to be guided by ideals now. In the area of love, we are now looking for a partner with whom not only erotic fulfilment is possible, but also spiritual harmony. This is, of course, a wonderful ideal that does exist, but unfortunately probably only relatively rarely. However, whoever fulfils the conditions demanded by Jupiter in Sagittarius - and these are aspirations in the religious, philosophical, idealistic sphere, which are then also combined with the forces of Venus, which is bent on harmony, love and the development of art - will one day be rewarded with such an almost ideal partner. However, most of us still have a long way to go in our development.

So, who is most favored by Venus in Sagittarius?

The most favored by Venus in Sagittarius are now Sagittarians themselves, Leos and Aries, as well as Aquarians and Librans . They are now endowed with much optimism, openness and sensitivity, and want to give their love to their love partner, as well as the ideals that are within them.

Capricorns and Scorpios, as well as Taureans and Cancerians also feel strongly addressed by the ideals of Sagittarius. Those who make the first step and are willing to make certain "sacrifices" for their partner, or at least show a lot of accommodation, will certainly be rewarded.

At the moment, Pisceans and Virgos, as well as perhaps Gemini (all Signs of the Mutable Modality), are having a bit of trouble with the ideals that could be realized with regards to a satisfying love relationship, since there are tense aspects. This will continue until 5 November 2021, after which things will get much better.


Weekly horoscope 38

Mars - Energy, Initiative, Courage and Health:

When Mars is in Libra, a strong affection for the opposite sex is aroused, a sense of love, but also an interest in love of art, as well as a love of beauty of form. Our temperament is fired up, and so is our love of socializing. Great importance is now also attached to beautiful clothing. The joy of negotiation also awakens, as well as the desire to find diplomatic opportunities and solutions.

So, who is most favored by Mars in Libra?

The most favored by Mars in Libra, at present, are Librans themselves, Geminis and Aquarians, as well as Leos and Sagittarians.

After that come the Virgos and Scorpios, as well as Taureans and Pisceans . You will also get more out of this planetary configurement with initiative in the areas of love, art, finance.

Cancerians, Capricorns and Aries (all Signs of the Cardinal Modality) have tense angles at the moment, which is why one should actually take it easy now, otherwise the health area could be attacked. You should now think about a healthier life and put it into action, which you can achieve with enough sleep, a healthier diet, less hectic activity and sport or long walks.


Weekly horoscope  41

Jupiter - Idealism, Success, Happiness and Well-Being:

Jupiter generally represents high ideals in life, religion, philosophy, law and higher education, as well as prosperity and happiness.

When Jupiter is in Aquarius, we are more open to reform and all things new, as well as to humanity. It also brings about a greater willingness to meet and reconcile. It also increases the sense for elevated literature and science. When Jupiter is in Aquarius new technical advances are abound! It is also a good time to invest in personal technology with regards to business or the home. Jupiter in Aquarius also allows for a great period of opening up charities and striving for the betterhood of humanity.

So, who is most favored by Jupiter in Aquarius?

At present, the greatest advantages with Jupiter in Aquarius are enjoyed by Aquarians themselves, Geminis and Librans, as well as Aries and Sagittarians.

Pisceans and Capricorns, as well as Cancers and Virgos also enjoy this planetary configurement.

At the moment, Leos, Taureans and Scorpios (Signs of the Fixed Modality) should not get involved in any oversized projects. Caution against excess and delusion is therefore called for. Reason should definitely be called upon now. If this is adhered to, Jupiter will be useful.


Weelky horoscope 41

Saturn - Restrictions, Trials, Delays and Rewards:

Saturn in Aquarius now demands many trials from us in all possible areas of life, and furthermore demands a tireless effort for reform, improvement and renewal. The sense for world-improving plans, justice and humanity should also be awakened in us, as well as thinking across generations. But one should also concentrate strongly on the plans of what is feasible and try to implement them.

So, who is most favored by Saturn in Aquarius?

The most support from Saturn is currently given to Geminis and Librans, as well as Aries and Sagittarians.

Most challenged by Saturn in Aquarius at present are Aquarians themselves, Leos, Taureans and Scorpios (all Signs of the Fixed Modality). He now demands a lot of effort in all areas of life so that stable conditions can be achieved in the future.

Less demanded of him at present are the Pisceans and Capricorns, as well as the Cancerians and Virgos.



Wochenhoroskop 41

The Effects of the Planets

All these planetary configurements that have now been discussed have a constant influence on us, with varying effects, although they are also constantly changing. "Everything flows," that is what the ancient Greeks said.

There is a constant change in the qualities of the influences, from tense to pleasant and happy. Each one of us is treated individually by the Creator of the cosmos according to our Karma, and in a precisely coordinated way, which all serves our higher development. Even if it sometimes does not seem so to us. However, he alone has the overview of his entire work of creation, in which each one of us is also included.



To you, dear readers,

I wish you a good week, good thoughts and valuable insights, and many positive influences from the stars!

Kurt Franz

and the entire schicksal.com team.







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