Virgo horoscope for week 8 (2/22 - 2/28)

Virgo horoscope for week 8 (2/22 - 2/28)

If you're single don't hide at home
Virgo horoscope for week 8 (2/22 - 2/28)

Virgo horoscope for week 8 (2/22 - 2/28)

If you're single don't hide at home

Virgo horoscope for week 8 (2/22 - 2/28)

Love and partnership

If you're single don't hide at home. Your chances of meeting new and interesting people and maybe even your dream partner are currently very high. If you have a relationship, everything points towards a great time here as well. You should make a conscious effort to create space and spend romantic time with your lover – it will pay off in satisfying and rewarding ways!


You feel refreshed and full of energy – more so than ever before. The one special attribute you possess now - is motivation. You love physical exercise and enjoy keeping on the move. Make sure that you take extended relaxation phases and that you keep to a healthy diet. Nothing can stop you from achieving your goals, if you keep to a sensible strategy for good health.

Working life

Work-wise this week is full of success. You finally complete long-standing and tiresome tasks and find the time to attend to new and more interesting ones. You appreciate much more that you're doing well in your job and can celebrate your continued success. It's possible that all your excellent hard work pays off and there'll be some recognition sooner than you expected.

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Horoscope for week 8 (2/22 - 2/28)
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If you're single don't hide at home


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