Monthly horoscope Aries | Photo: (c) nuzza11  -

Monthly Horoscope Aries July 2019

What are the stars for Aries in March 2019 in love, work, and health?
Monthly horoscope Aries | Photo: (c) nuzza11  -

Monthly Horoscope Aries July 2019

What are the stars for Aries in March 2019 in love, work, and health?

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Monthly Horoscope Aries July 2019

Mars brings courage and the Planet of Luck Jupiter is in a good position for the Arieses. Still, the month could also bring uncomfortable experiences. Mercury is in decline, and plans could go awry

Mars will provide for a lot of power

For vitality and well-being 

The Sun will stand in the sign Cancer until 23rd July and so it will continue to form a square, resulting in the possibility of certain disadvantages. Upsetting experiences and ambiguities could occur, and you should also be careful to protect your health as much as possible.  A lot of sleep long walks in nature, and a healthy diet would be proper.

Aries July 2019 | photo: (c) alexandra_siu -

During the 7th the Sun will move to the sign Leo, which will now complete the square position. A favorable Trigon will be now forming, and things will begin to look much better again. You will now have a better ability in taking decisions, behaving appropriately, and feeling the actual need for enforcement and self-assertion.

Physical condition and mental state will be in a harmonious relationship. You will get strong vitality from the Sun, allowing you to satisfactorily implement your projects at work and in your spare time. Now everything will seem to succeed without much effort. The Planet of Energy, Mars, will stand all over the month in the Zodiac sign Leo giving way to a pleasant Trigon, and strong force will reach the Aries-born people. Mars will also bring more courage, you will enjoy risk and adventure, you will enjoy working and feel a strong sexual desire. You will also explore the urge of starting something new, and you will really be willing to do it.

Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, is still in great shape. You will feel very well now, so well that you will often enjoy just relaxing. That's the other side of the coin, and if you persist on that, you will probably not be able to take advantage of many opportunities. Of course, some things will be fortunate enough for Aries without having to do anything for getting them, but experience teaches that they will not be plenty.

One should not be overly influenced by Saturn, the so-called teacher or stern master, because the planet will continue to form a square for Arieses, reason why some unpleasant influences may become evident. It's ok, the karma balance demands it, but you should not give up your activities, do not let it slip!

Profession, money, and communication: 

Firstly, let me say that Mercury will be declining from July 7th to July 31st, which is why communication could be fundamentally disturbed. Hints will be misunderstood, plans will go awry, letters will be unwillingly written, abandoned messages or emails will reach the wrong address, traffic will be chaotic, contracts will be misinterpreted. In short, many annoying inconveniences could arise.

But knowing the decline, it will help you to avoid some of these complications. From 1st July to 17th July, Mercury will stand in the Zodiac sign, Leo. Therefore, apart from the declining Mercury, a favorable Trigon position will take the stage. From 19th July a square position will occur, which is why a lot of caution in the area of communication is required. Preferably, you should double check everything

Love, happy moments and art:

The goddess of love will stand in July in three Zodiac signs. Unique opportunities will be at hand until 3rd July. After that, however, the enthusiasm for low will be limited, and until 28th July. After that, the best opportunities will be displayed again. Ah yes, it's true!



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Photo: ©

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