Monthly Horoscope Cancer April 2019 | photo (c): YakobchukOlena -

Monthly Horoscope Cancer April 2019

What are the stars for Cancer in March 2019 in love, work, and health?
Monthly Horoscope Cancer April 2019 | photo (c): YakobchukOlena -

Monthly Horoscope Cancer April 2019

What are the stars for Cancer in March 2019 in love, work, and health?

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Monthly Horoscope Cancer April 2019

Mercury and Venus spoil at times

Financially and professionally, Cancers will be thriving in April and good times will come from the middle of the month. But Cancer born people will also need to learn that this month there'll be challenges to overcome.

For vitality and well-being

The sun is in the Zodiac sign of Aries until April 20th , which means a square is formed, and that could bring at least some new challenges. You may be experiencing a time when some people will switch against you and will disappoint you. But that is just a situation that should make us aware that difficulties are actually there to be overcome because only then can we grow fully mature. In the course of April 20th the sun will move to Taurus, giving way to a beneficial ⚹extile, and now things will become favorable again. Now you should team up with friends, colleagues at work or neighbors because you will be increasingly able to work well with people. Positive results will come. So being active and introducing yourself to others should be your objectives now.

Monthly Horoscope Cancer April 2019  | photo: (c) contrastwerkstatt -

Energy Planet Mars will stand in the neighboring Zodiac sign Gemini for the entire month, although this side-effect of the ⚺extile does not suggest any obstruction. Energy won't be likely to boost much in this period. Anyone who now has to do a lot in terms of power must resort to initiatives, and that means overcoming one's own inner devil.

Jupiter, the planet of luck, will stand in Sagittarius until 2 December 2019, which means a quincunx angle, a fundamental starting point to new orientation. This time favors further education, for example perhaps to attend an extra-job course or to become a specialist in one's field. Jupiter will, in any case, be valuable later, since this planet appreciates idealism and is itself the supreme representative for it. But lucky circumstances are not excluded, because Jupiter always likes to make activities which are industrious or helpful and lovable a pleasure to pursuit.

From Saturn there is nothing new to report, it forms throughout the year 2019 an opposition to Cancers, which is why again and again delays and disabilities can be expected.


Profession, money, and communication:

Mercury will stand in the water sign Pisces until April 17th , a very advantageous position, as it creates a comfortable trigon. Now the communication works. Mercury has a positive effect on the mental powers of Cancers, and they will feel it because there will be a more definite expression in words and writing.

Monthly Horoscope Cancer April 2019  | photo: (c) YakobchukOlena -

Interpersonal relationships will now be on the agenda, including visits, travel, business is usually good, and also financial matters will be under the auspicious star Mercury. During  April 17th however, Mercury will move to Zodiac sign Aries, thus forming a square, and experiences proved that favorable conditions quickly disappear. You will have to reckon with mistakes, misunderstandings, even lies, so caution is appropriate to prevent falling into adverse circumstances.

Love, happy moments and art:

Venus will stand until April 20th  in the Zodiac sign Pisces forming a very advantageous trigon, during this time, as Mercury does. This is a perfect time for love, for marriage, for the family, for friendships, for art and for all what is beautiful and useful. You will now incline to appreciate socialization, entertainments and making use of the right side of life. After April 20th , these favorable circumstances will unfortunately reduce.

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