Monthly Horoscope Gemini 2019| photo: (c) Kar Tr -

Monthly Horoscope Gemini June 2019

What are the stars for Gemini in June 2019 in love, work, and health?
Monthly Horoscope Gemini 2019| photo: (c) Kar Tr -

Monthly Horoscope Gemini June 2019

What are the stars for Gemini in June 2019 in love, work, and health?

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Monthly Horoscope Gemini June 2019

The highlights of the year.

Mercury will provide for the best chances at the beginning of the month, Venus will also spoil the Gemini since the planet will stand in this Zodiac sign. You should take advantage of all those opportunities and enjoy them.

For vitality and well-being

The Sun will still be standing in its own sign Gemini, this is why Gemini born people will be celebrating their birthdays until 21st. We congratulate and wish them good luck for the new year and many gifts! The Sun will give Gemini a lot of vitality and zest for life, which they could also use to make plans for the next year.

Monatshoroskop Jun Zwillinge 2019 | Foto: (c)kirchigin -

It is also advisable to start something new now because every newly launched project will most likely come to a satisfactory conclusion, as new forces will emanate from the Sun. In the course of 21st June, the sun will then move to the neighboring sign Cancer, and the favorable position of the sun for Gemini will be over. However, the influx of the sun will always be positive.

Mars, the Planet of Energy will still hold in the sign of Cancer and will continue to occupy this position throughout June. The secondary aspect of the ⚺extile will now be formed, resulting in the perdurance of neutral conditions in the energy area. Standing in the Zodiac sign of Cancer will give to Mars some of the quality of Cancers. This circumstance will affect us, as well. That means that we will sometimes feel moody since the sign of Cancer is dominated by the moon, which changes its position relatively quickly. We will also use our energies at home because in this period will be particularly attracted by domestic pleasures. We will also be ambitious and independent.

The prosperous planet Jupiter will still be in opposition, but that could turn out to be a favorable position if you'll measure your actions. Your motto should be: "be cool and down to earth!" Now you should not only work towards financial growth, you should also strive for spiritual growth since Jupiter stands for learning and high ideals. You really should care for spiritual achievements, because all material things are indeed transient.

Saturn will form a quincunx position throughout the year, resulting basically in a reorientation. And you should not forget that! You should, therefore, consider whether there are areas that may be changed and if so, you could begin to start those changes as well.

Monatshoroskop Jun Zwillinge 2019 | Foto: (c) Kar Tr -

Profession, money, and communication:

Mercury will stand in its own sign Gemini until June 4th, this is why conditions will be favorable in the field of occupation, in money matters and in communication. Speech and writing will also be used favorably. After that, Mercury will move to the sign Cancer and will stop there until 27th June. Communicative times will fade away a bit, but you can be delighted with that. With the ⚹extile position from 27th June, Mercury will be in great shape again, and this will not be favorable to the Gemini.

Love, happy moments and art:

The goddess of love and art initially will continue to stand in the sign of Taurus, and this is why you will be satisfied with her. The best conditions will appear from 9th June, since Venus will now enter its own sign, and the planet will spoil Gemini in particular. Venus just offers the best, and you'll just have to follow.


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Gemini 2019 | Photo: ©
Photo: ©

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