Monthly Horoscope Leo August 2019  | photo: ©

Monthly Horoscope Leo August 2019

What are the stars for Leo in August 2019 in love, work, and health?
Monthly Horoscope Leo August 2019  | photo: ©

Monthly Horoscope Leo August 2019

What are the stars for Leo in August 2019 in love, work, and health?

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Monthly Horoscope Leo August 2019

A powerful month

Leo really has every reason to be happy, since, for the third month in a row, the sign will enjoy power and strength. The Sun will stand in the sign until August 22nd and will provide plenty of energy and vitality. The planet will support crucial decisions and will help Leo born people to reach the peak of physical wellness.  Especially as far as love is concerned, Leo will receive a lot of support. Venus, the goddess of Love, will stand in the Zodiac sign. Now everything could be possible, from new acquaintances to a wedding!

For vitality and well-being

The Sun is standing, until August 22nd, in the Zodiac sign Leo, which is why the Leo-born will celebrate their birthdays until that date, and we congratulate with them! A boost of vitality and courage will come upon the Leo. Important decisions could be taken so that Leo could achieve planned goals. During August 22nd, the Sun will move to the neighbor sign Virgo, giving way to a side-effect of the ⚺extile. You will have to work a little harder if you want to achieve the same things that you previously performed with the Sun in your Zodiac sign.

Mars, the planet of Energy, will stand in Leo until August 18th. Mars will provide Leo with a lot of energy and power. You will feel the necessity to be active and to achieve something great as fast as possible since Mars is always impatient.

You will now have a strong will and will feel physically in full swing with the capacity of being more active than usual. But you should not be too rash, to avoid conflicts with colleagues. On August 18th, Mars will leave the sign Leo and move to the neighbor sign, Virgo. Now, although power is somewhat reduced, still it will be sufficient to continue energetically.

Monthly horoscope Leo August 2019 | photo: (c) veronika7833 -

Jupiter, the planet of luck, will be in Sagittarius until December 2nd, resulting in a most favorable trigon. Favorable opportunities will show that it can be used to one's own advantage. Leo will enjoy a highly creative potential, and this could lead to the conquering of new areas of life. Relationships will generally be right now, and you will feel generous and tolerant. You could also take your chance of specializing and learning. And last but not least, unexpected income could come along now!

Saturn will form a quincunx angle throughout the year, and this indicates that you will have to be able to reorient some things in your life, but all to plan your future.

Profession, money, and communication:

Mercury will stand in three signs in August. In Cancer until August 11th, then in Leo until August 29th, and then Virgo. As long as Mercury will stand in Cancer, communication will be regular in all areas, as there are currently not many disabilities, but no great support as well. The situation will quickly change when Mercury will move to Leo, during August 11th, since from this moment, the best possibilities will be displayed. Now you should use your chances because Mercury is entirely by the side of Leo, but you should still be realistic because arrogance could undermine the efforts. Even after the August 29th, when Mercury will have entered the neighbor sign, Virgo, it will continue satisfactorily with the right mission.

Monthly horoscope Leo August 2019 | photo: (c) kegfire -

Love, happy moments and art:

The goddess of Love, Venus will still stand until August 21st, in the Zodiac sign Leo, giving way to a favorable period for love affairs. So Leo will be getting the most potent supports from Venus. Il will be time for love, marriage, friendships, art, and all things beautiful and good.

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