Monthly horoscope Libra July 2019 | Foto: (c) paultarasenko  -

Monthly Horoscope Libra July 2019

What are the stars for Libra in July 2019 in love, work, and health?
Monthly horoscope Libra July 2019 | Foto: (c) paultarasenko  -

Monthly Horoscope Libra July 2019

What are the stars for Libra in July 2019 in love, work, and health?

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Monthly Horoscope Libra July 2019

There is a lot of energy coming from Mars

Libras are not starting so quickly the new month. But Mars comes to their aid with energy and vitality. Nevertheless, Libras should be careful

and not exaggerate, they should not take too high risks.

For vitality and well-being

The  Sun will still stand in the  Sign cancer, and the square position will last until 23rd July. The situation could even bring with it specific challenges since our ego will be somehow attacked. Maybe suddenly some people will show more hostile with you, and you will wonder why. Also, health could be attacked, which is why it is advisable to sleep enough, to go for long walks and to eat healthily. In July 23rd. The Sun will move to the Sign Leo, which is why the square is now finished, and a soothing ⚹extile will begin. Now it's uphill again.

Monthly horoscope Libra July 2019 | photo: (c) - stock.adobe

Moreover, Mars, the Planet of Energy, will leave his square position already on July 1st, resulting in an advantageous ⚹extile. Such a favorable transit of Mars will bring courage, enjoyment of risk, activity at work, and a strong desire to live out sexual impulses. Maybe you will also want to start something new, you will feel energetic and optimistic. This advantageous position will last until the end of the month, and beyond.

Jupiter, the Planet of Luck will still be very favorable and support Libra with a grand ⚹extile, reason why life will seem to flow more quickly than usual. You will achieve much with almost no effort, and it will be essential to create around you a peaceful atmosphere. As for financial matters, you will be much satisfied.

Anyway, Saturn will build a square position throughout the year, this is why you will have to face delays and inconveniences. You should not let yourself be confused, let alone give up, because in this case the good chances coming from Jupiter would be gone.

Profession, money, and communication:

Mercury will still be in favorable ⚹extile position until July 19th, then it will start declining and move back to the sign Cancer, which is then no longer so advantageous because the square position will possibly cause disorders in the communication area. The retrograde nature of Mercury begins on July 7th, and now, Mercury's caution is required in all areas. Many things can be prevented with a specific action and with caution, indeed not everything, because one is powerless in case, suddenly, contracts, promises, and agreements are no longer adhered to. The square position could be favorable too since the retrograde nature is also a time of corrections. Maybe you will get now a tax refund from the tax office, or a friend will finally settle his debts.

Monthly horoscope Libra July 2019 | photo: (c) DorSteffen -

Love, happy moments and art:

The first three days and the last three days of July are very favored by the goddess of love, beauty, and art. In the rest of the month, Venus will turn her beneficial effects on other Zodiac signs. Since Venus is an extraordinary planet for Libra, the fact that the goddess of love is upset will be perceived clearly by Libra-born people. But whoever shows charm will still be attractive, and those who take the initiative will be able to succeed, even if Venus influx will not be so steady.

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