Monthly Horoscope March Libra 2019 | poto: (c) Polonio Video -

Monthly Horoscope Libra March 2019

What are the stars for Libra in March 2019 in love, work, and health?
Monthly Horoscope March Libra 2019 | poto: (c) Polonio Video -

Monthly Horoscope Libra March 2019

What are the stars for Libra in March 2019 in love, work, and health?

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Monthly Horoscope Libra March 2019

Improvements should be considered

Jupiter will provide much empathy and action in March, leading to progress in all respects if you use your powers effectively.

For vitality and well-being

The sun is in the sign Pisces until the 20th of March, which makes for a quincunx angle, which in turn indicates reorientation. So, if there were something in life that could be improved, then this would be an excellent time to make changes. In the course of 20th March, the sun enters the counter-sign Aries, which is dominated by Mars. So Mars is now highly activated and lets it feel Venus, which is indeed in Libra and governs this sign. Moreover, Venus does not always like to be treated so hastily, as it may happen now, it would be much better if she could hold the reins in her hand and acts herself, albeit usually inconspicuously. However, with diplomatic skill, a lot can be compensated.

Energy Planet Mars is in Taurus all month long, which in turn gives rise to a quincunx angle, and also points out a new orientation like the sun. So if there might be an improvement in the work area or in the areas that need much energy, then you could start thinking about getting started. The powers of the sun should always be used sensibly and as effectively as possible.

David Pereiras  -

schöne Liebeszeiten

Lucky planet Jupiter is still excellent and still supports Libra with a favorable ⚹extile, which is why life seems to flow smoothly. At times, without much effort, you can make significant progress, but in the long run, you should rely on and use your skills. The relationships with people are now mostly good, even to those who have influences and those who can help. You exude a lot of optimism, which is contagious. Making peace is also very important to you, and as far as finances are concerned, they are now very much in favor.

Saturn, however, forms a square throughout the year, which is why you have to reckon with delays or disabilities. However, it would help if you did not let yourself be confused, let alone give up because then the chances that come through Jupiter would be gone, and all negativity would go back.

Profession, money, and communication:

Mercury is in Pisces throughout the month and will decline from March 5th, which is why caution is required in oral agreements or contracts. In the case of failing communication, things will not be clear. Hints are misunderstood, plans go awry, letters do not arrive at the right destination, the traffic is chaotic, contracts are misinterpreted, in short, many annoying inconveniences occur. However, if you are aware of it, you will undoubtedly be able to avoid some of these misconceptions, if probably not all of them. On the 28th of March, the decline ends.

Love, happy moments and art:

The love and art goddess is until 26th March in the sign of Aquarius and thus very favorable, because an advantageous trigon aspect is formed.

Monthly Horoscope March Virgo 2019 | photo:(c) Gajus -

So now you can win a lot from the pleasant side of life. The time is particularly favorable for love, marriage, family, and friendships. Everything beautiful and useful is preferred. This time is also good for your health. Purchases are preferred, because you have now a hand for the right things, even for luxury items. Enjoy!

Jetzt kann man also den angenehmen Seiten des Lebens viel abgewinnen. Die Zeit ist nämlich besonders günstig für die Liebe, die Ehe, die Familie und für Freundschaften. Auch alles Schöne und Gute ist bevorzugt. Für die Gesundheit ist die Zeit auch günstig. Bevorzugt sind Einkäufe, man hat nämlich jetzt die Hand für die richtigen Dinge, auch für Luxusartikel. Genießen also!

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