Monthly horoscope virgo 2019 | photo: (c) Hetizia  -

Monthly Horoscope Virgo July 2019

What are the stars for Virgo in July 2019 in love, work, and health?
Monthly horoscope virgo 2019 | photo: (c) Hetizia  -

Monthly Horoscope Virgo July 2019

What are the stars for Virgo in July 2019 in love, work, and health?

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Monthly Horoscope Virgo July 2019

Venus is in a good mood

Virgo will benefit from the energy of Venus. A conducive ⚹extile will help Virgo-born people to find a partner in July. Saturn will still be positive about Virgo and will show them that they can do a lot with performance. And if the Virgo will be dutiful and tidy, they will surely be able to achieve precious goals.

For vitality and well-being

The Sun will still stand in the Zodiac Sign Cancer,  until the 23rd of July, and this will continue to take the social aspect of the ⚹extile. Self-assertion will be fundamental for the enforcement of one's goals, and the situation will be useful, if not optimal. You will be able to work well with people, you will get along well, make crucial decisions intuitively, and many opportunities will be at hand. In the course of 23rd July, the Sun will move to the neighbor sign Leo, and this will give way to a ⚺extile. If you just think that now only half of the good ⚹extile influxes are available, you will understand that the situation is not at all bad. Experience shows that less favorable phenomena could occur now.

Mars, the Planet of Energy, will stand all month long in the sign Leo, resulting again in a ⚺extile. The positive qualities of Mars are strength, courage, determination, the capacity of facing risks, male sexuality, conception, and much more. The harmful properties are just the opposite, so impotence, discouragement, indecision, etc. And both qualities could manifest with such a ⚺extile.

Jupiter, the Planet of Luck will now build a square to the Sun of the Virgo; nevertheless, some precious chances and excellent opportunities could occur. Perhaps you will feel somehow exhausted and tired. Still, the prospects of success are there, you just don't have to let them go. Reflecting on how to separate the wheat from the chaff would be beneficial now so that you should focus only on the essentials.

Saturn will build now a favorable Trigon, and this will have a stabilizing effect upon Virgo. If you do a lot now, you'll be rewarded later. It may be natural that you will soon feel you are under some obligation and you will overthink about what you should achieve.

Profession, money, and communication:

Mercury, the Planet of our speech and thought, and which is also responsible for our actions, will be declining from 7th July, so caution will be required in all areas. The planet will now have an entirely negative influx on communication. Being aware of the situation will allow you to prevent much of the inconveniences, but indeed not everything. You will not be able to intervene, for example, suddenly agreements will no longer be complied with. But also positive things could arise, that too is a quality of this time, which seems to be there to change many things. For example, a long-lasting dispute could finally arrive at an end. Or you could get money back from someone.

Virgo July 2019 | photo: (c) armada1985 -


 Love, happy moments, and art: 

This month announces precious times for enjoyment, thanks to the presence of a beneficial ⚹extile. Awesome! Venus is indeed the ruler of the initial physical attraction, which should, however, then transform into a permanent and eternal love. This is the strategy of the sublime and beautiful goddess. And you should not forget the great beauties this planet offers us, in nature as well as in art, and we will notice that particularly now.




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