Monthly Horoscope Virgo March 2019 | photo: (c) nioloxs -

Monthly Horoscope Virgo June 2019

What are the stars for Virgo in March 2019 in love, work and health?
Monthly Horoscope Virgo March 2019 | photo: (c) nioloxs -

Monthly Horoscope Virgo June 2019

What are the stars for Virgo in March 2019 in love, work and health?

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Monthly Horoscope Virgo June 2019

Mars provides a lot of power

Virgo will start June with a strong sense of self-esteem and a lot of adventure and action. Also professionally, from the beginning of the month, Virgo will be in excellent shape and can achieve a lot.

For vitality and well-being


The Sun will still stand in Gemini, until the 21st of June, resulting in the continuation of the square aspect. So you will have to expect disabilities during this time. Dislocations, ambiguities, uncertainties could arise, and disadvantages must be expected. Therefore, you should think more than twice before taking important decisions. In the course of 21st June, the Sun will move to the Zodiac sign Cancer, and conditions will now improve, since the ⚹extile will now be favorable.

MonatshoroskopJuni Jungfrau 2019 | Foto: (c) nioloxs -

You will soon feel an increase in vitality. You will now have better decision-making abilities, a situational behavior, and a strong need for enforcement and self-assertion. The physical condition and the mental state will be in a harmonious relationship.

Energy Planet Mars will stop in Cancer throughout the month, giving way to a favorable ⚹extile, so Cancers will get a durable power from Mars. You will be more courageous and will enjoy risk and adventure more than usual, you will feel a strong desire to enjoy your sexuality and other impulses, and you will probably start something new. You will have more energy, and in decisions, you will experience an uncontrollable attitude.

Jupiter, the planet of Luck, will continue to form a square to the Sun of the Virgo, resulting in good chances and opportunities. Perhaps, you will feel overwhelmed or overburdened at the moment, but the possibilities for more significant successes are there, you just cannot give up. Reflecting on how to behave properly would be beneficial now, so that you should focus only on the essentials.

Saturn will continue to form a favorable Trigon, which is why this planet will stabilize and positively influence the Virgo. If you do a lot now, you'll be rewarded later. It may be natural that you will soon feel you are under some obligation and you will overthink about what you should achieve.

Profession, money, and communication:

Mercury will stop in three Zodiac signs in June, and so the planet will have three different effects. Until 4th June, Mercury will stand in Gemini, still in a square position, which is why it is still likely to disturb or give way to misunderstandings.

MonatshoroskopJuni Jungfrau 2019 | Foto: (c) Nena -

But if in the course of 4th June it will move to Zodiac sign Cancer, the square will end, and excellent conditions will arie again with the ⚹extile. This will last until the 27th of June, this is why you should take advantage of this optimal communicative moment, suitable for negotiations of all kinds. If on 27th June Mercury will enter the Zodiac sign Leo, excellent opportunities may be at hand.

Love, happy moments and art:

Venus will offer excellent conditions until the 9th of June, as the Trigon will still be favorable. So the most favorable moments for love, marriage, family, friendships and for everything exciting and right will appear. Even the social side of life will now be reinforced by the commitment of Venus. Purchases will be favored, small gifts or material benefits could occur, and also finances will prosper. Virgo will now be sympathetic and cheerful. It will soon be essential to make good use of this time, because after 9th June Venus will become a bit moody.

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