Annual Horoscope Aquarius | photo: ©

Annual Horoscope Aquarius

What are the stars for Aquarius in the lunar year 2020?
Annual Horoscope Aquarius | photo: ©

Annual Horoscope Aquarius

What are the stars for Aquarius in the lunar year 2020?

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Annual Horoscope Aquarius

Jupiter's luck and success

Lucky Planet Jupiter will stand in Capricorn and will remain there until December 19th, 2020, offering the aspect of a ⚺extile to the Aquarius born. This situation means that Jupiter will now be demanding a more significant effort from Aquarius, and only then it will be able to help. You will have to do more than usual in this period if you want to achieve something extraordinary. You will not be able to count on too many gifts coming naturally now. But those who will overcome themselves and become active will undoubtedly be rewarded. This time will be very favorable for self-education. Jupiter will pay the effort later because this planet appreciates idealistic aspirations.

Saturn's trials and rewards

The rigorous master Saturn will stand in Capricorn and Aquarius during the Lunar Year 2020. When this planet enters Aquarius from Capricorn, there will be a decline, and it will return then to Capricorn. The fact is that it becomes direct again and therefore gets back to Aquarius. However, this situation always changes the aspects, either from positive to critical or, vice versa, from critical to positive. Here is the overview of the positions of Saturn:

Saturn in Capricorn: Jan 1st, 2020 - Mar 22nd, 2020, Jul 2nd, 2020 - Dec 17th, 2020.

Saturn in Aquarius: Mar 22nd, 2020 - Jul 2nd, 2020, Dec 17th, 2020 - Mar 7th, 2023.

Saturn in Capricorn will also give way to a ⚺extile for Aquarius, although this means a more neutral position, since excellent opportunities and challenges balance. But those who will now overcome and strive and will become active will certainly achieve outstanding results. The initiative will be rewarded soon. Standing in the Zodiac sign Aquarius, Saturn will form a conjunction with the Sun. So one must now reckon with difficulties and disabilities in all areas of life. This situation, of course, can frustrate the ambitions of Aquarius born people now and then, since you will have to spend a lot of stamina and effort to achieve your goals. On the other hand, this fact will also increase the resilience of the often too flexible air sign Aquarius.

Annual Horoscope Aquarius| photo: ©

Mars will provide inventiveness, energy, and passion for work.

At the beginning of the year and until February, 16th, the planet of energy will stand in Sagittarius, making it a pleasant ⚹extile to the Sun of the Aquarius. So Mars' energy and willpower can now be translated into constructive activities and work.

From February, 16th to March, 30th, Mars will be moving through Capricorn, thus forming a ⚺extile. So you will have to work hard to get good results. And those who do it will be satisfied with the results.

From March, 30th to May, 13th, Mars will stand in Aquarius. This situation will result in conjunction, which will provide powerful energy and willpower. Mars conjunctions can always be the basis of many constructive achievements, as these forces usually bring much courage and express leadership qualities.

From May, 13th to June, 28th, Mars will stand in Pisces. This fact again will result in a ⚺extile, which will require a lot of diligence if your aim is a success. The other variant is that of rest, which must be considered to regain strength, which can be used well later.

From June 28th to the end of the year, Mars will stand in Aries, resulting in a favorable ⚹extile. The reason why now Martian energy and willpower can again be freely translated into constructive activities and work.

Mercury's communication gifts for profession, money, and leisure

The best times for Mercury will occur from January, 16th (Mercury in Aquarius), and this year the period is relatively short, so you should use it intensively. There will be better times in the communication area from May, 11th to 28th (Trigon), and the second favorable trine period will be displayed from September, 5th to 27th. During all auspicious trigon times, so much can succeed. For example, if you wish to change your job, you should use this time. ⚹extile benefits of Mercury will be available from April, 11th to 27th and from December, 1st to 20th. Who will take advantage of the favorable influx of Mercury, will probably be very satisfied with business, negotiations, and intellectual work.

Mercury will decline three times a year, and according to experience, the god of merchants will become the god of thieves. So special care must be taken now in negotiations, contracts, and business to avoid mistakes.

The period that could be critical: February, March 17th, 10th and June 18th July 12th and October 14th November, 3rd

Venus will donate love, beauty, and artistic interests.

The most intense times of love are indicated from 20.12.2019 to 13.1.2020 (Venus in Aquarius), and you can enjoy this period at best again. But there will be more excellent and favorable times this year.

For example, the good Venus times with trigon benefits. They will be available from 3rd April to August, 7th, so incredibly long due to the retrograde nature of Venus, and from October 28th to November 10th, indicating romantic, artistic, creative and happy weeks.

⚹extile benefits of Venus will be available from February, 7th to March, 5th and from December, 15th, to January, 8th. 2021. So have fun and enjoyable times with the excellent and bewitching Venus, which always promotes popularity!

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