Annual Horoscope Pisces | photo: ©

Annual Horoscope Pisces

What are the stars for Pisces in the lunar year 2020?
Annual Horoscope Pisces | photo: ©

Annual Horoscope Pisces

What are the stars for Pisces in the lunar year 2020?

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Annual Horoscope Pisces

Jupiter's luck and success

Lucky Planet Jupiter will stand in the sign Capricorn and will stay there until December 19th, 2020 resulting in a beneficial aspect of a ⚹extile for the Pisces born. And you should look forward to it. At times, without much effort, you will be able to make significant progress, but in the long run, you should rely on and only use your own skills. Relationships with people will now be most positive, even with influential people and those who can also help. You will be more enthusiastic and optimistic, which alone is contagious and could bring good luck. If you strive for spiritual ideals honestly, the worldly ones will also go well, for example, the financial ones.

Saturn's trials and rewards

The rigorous master Saturn will stand in Capricorn and Aquarius during the Lunar Year 2020. When this planet enters Aquarius from Capricorn, there will be a decline, and it will return then to Capricorn. The fact is that it becomes direct again and therefore gets back to Aquarius. However, this situation always changes the aspects, either from positive to critical or, vice versa, from critical to positive. Here is the overview of the positions of Saturn:

Saturn in Capricorn: Jan 1st, 2020 - Mar 22nd, 2020, Jul 2nd, 2020 - Dec 17th, 2020.

Saturn in Aquarius: Mar 22nd, 2020 - Jul 2nd, 2020, Dec 17th, 2020 - Mar 7th, 2023.

Saturn in Capricorn will also produce a ⚹extile for Pisces, which is why there is now evidence of positive tendencies that may yet be uncertain. It could be a work project that will get a definite conclusion under the Saturn aspect, after you spent all the creativity that came to you from the planet. You will get a contractor, for instance, since now you will be able to succeed in it.

Saturn in Aquarius will give way to a ⚺extile, which could be regarded as a neutral constellation since experience has shown that excellent opportunities and challenges balance somewhat. But with more intensive use, positive results will predominate.

Annual Horoscope Pisces | photo: ©

Mars will provide inventiveness, energy, and passion for work.

At the beginning of the year and until February, 16th the energy planet will stand in Sagittarius, thus forming a tense square to the Sun of Pisces. Although powerful energy will be available now, you will have to pay attention that it will not degenerate into aggressiveness. So it will be useful to vent the exceeding energy in sports rather than in outbursts of anger.

From February, 16th to March 30th, Mars will be moving through the Capricorn, forming a pleasant ⚹extile. The reason why Mars' intense energy and will power can be translated into constructive activities and work.

From March 30th to May 13th, Mars will stand in Aquarius, resulting in an aspect of a ⚺extile. So it will take some effort to get good results. And those who do it will be satisfied with the results.

From May, 13th to June, 28th, Mars will stand in Pisces. This situation will result in conjunction, providing powerful energy and willpower. Mars conjunctions can always be the basis of many constructive achievements, as these forces usually bring much courage and express leadership qualities.

From June 28th to the end of the year, Mars will stand in Aries, giving way to a ⚺extile position. So much diligence is required to get first-class results. The other variant would be a creative break so that you can gather energy to be used later.

Mercury's communication gifts for profession, money, and leisure

The best times for Mercury will be displayed from February, 3rd to 17th and from March, 16th to April, 11th (Mercury in Pisces). This period will last longer than usual this year and should therefore necessarily be exploited intensively.

Further good times in the communication will be available from May, 28th to June, 18th (Trigon) and again from July, 12th to August, 5th. And other favorable trine times from September, 27th to October, 14th and from November, 3rd to December, 1st. During these beneficial trigon times, so much can succeed, so it pays off to make an effort. For example, if you wish to change your job, you should use this time.

⚹extile Benefits of Mercury will be available from April, 27th to May 11th and from December, 20th to January, 8th 2021. Who will take advantage of the favorable influx of Mercury, will probably be very satisfied with business, negotiations, and intellectual work.

Mercury will decline three times a year, and according to experience, the god of merchants will become the god of thieves. So special care must be taken now in negotiations, contracts, and business to avoid mistakes. The period that could be critical: February, March 17th, 10th and June 18th July 12th and October 14th November, 3rd

Venus will donate love, beauty, and artistic interests.

The most intense times of love will occur from January 13th to 7. February (Venus in Pisces) and the situation should be enjoyed at best. But there will be more excellent and favorable times this year. For example, the good Venus times with trigon benefits. They are available from August 7th to September 6th, and from November 21st to December 15th, indicating romantic, artistic, creative and happy weeks.

⚹extile benefits of Venus are displayed from March 5th through April 3rd. So have fun and enjoyable times with the excellent and bewitching Venus, which always promotes popularity!

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