Year of the Moon 2020 | photo: ©

The Year of the Moon

Anthroposophical and astrological thoughts
Year of the Moon 2020 | photo: ©

The Year of the Moon

Anthroposophical and astrological thoughts

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The Year of the Moon

Each astrologically new year is always under the auspices of a particular celestial body, and the new year 2020 will be supported by the patronage of the moon. The moon is responsible for the female and maternal areas, for the entire emotional realm, and family (including the circle of friends). It influences the home realm and also the homeland. The Year of the Moon tells us clearly that the family is at the heart of the new year. So you should nurture your family, and perhaps you should do it much more than you did before. Our family and the love we receive from our human relationships is one of the most valuable goods we have. What would we be without these ideal possessions? Everyone will answer according to their feelings. Anyway, we would be much weaker, if we could not count on the love of close-knit people, and for most people that is unimaginable.


Therefore, in this New Year 2020, we should also take the opportunity to reconcile, in case difficulties in communication or disputes occur within our family. So now is the best time to tackle this. Heaven itself is making us aware of it. Of course, it is not so easy to achieve such a reconciliation, since you must be ready to take the first step. Taking this action implies that you are capable of giving in and forgiving, even if you are convinced of being right. Who can do it, has reached a high level of development, since the lasting reconciliation and the loving interaction is a satisfactory result — not dogmatism and pride, even in the presence of some offense or differing opinions. Giving in and forgiving are themselves highly developed loving acts, and if they are carried out, they will give way to reassurance. The annulment of any annoyance reassures our soul and makes us feel beneficial and healthy. 

The beginning of a new era

About every 20 years, Jupiter and Saturn unite in conjunction, and that will be the case again in December 2020, when both planets will have entered Aquarius, the representative of friendship and charity. Incidentally, even at that time, about 2,000 years ago, this conjunction was precisely the birth of Jesus, the later Christ. The new, future king was displayed in the sky by Jupiter. He was introduced as the king of the spiritual and eternal world, and not as a new king of our earthly and domineering transient. And Saturn stood, among other things, for the durability of the effect of this event. And since Jupiter also displays all lofty aspirations, it is to be hoped that the world will now start a favorable period again. It could happen perhaps thanks to a distinguished personality, who will soon emerge and who will strongly advocate for more just conditions.


Numerous conjunctions

But before Jupiter and Saturn unite in conjunction in December 2020, Capricorn, Saturn, and Pluto will already unite in January 2020. Jupiter and Pluto will form conjunction for a total of three times from April 2020 to November 2020, and all of these connections will be in Capricorn. The conjunctions with Pluto are never unproblematic since Pluto emanates tremendous energy that affects us. And not all humans are in control, which is why under Pluto's influence, from tantrums to violence, anything can be possible. It must be said, anyway, that such things are happening around us all the time and it's nothing new. Newspapers are full of such effects every day. Since politicians are regularly exposed to these influences all over the world, we can only hope that reason will widely prevail. Or in other words, that the positive energy will displace the unfavorable impacts.

Our contribution

Can we contribute to this? Of course, we can. Every one of us is part of the world and influences it, even if we think we are just small sausages. Complete mistake! 

The world is known to be polar, and that means opposition, or to put it briefly, it is continuously at the mercy of the effects of good and evil. So the world is continually responding to our sound or evil thoughts or actions, and the results do not only play on our Earth. Such effects continue into the powerful spiritual world around us and influence the spiritual beings there, which in turn are made up of the two categories of good and evil. 

The help of angels

 The so-called guardian angels are primarily responsible for people. They are clearly the good angels who act according to ethical or moral principles. In contrast, however, are the so-called fallen angels who hold little or nothing of those moral ideas.

As it happens on Earth, the spiritual cosmos around us are always concerned with finding majorities. And that's why, when we confess good things, we need to activate our guardian angels to help and protect us from getting through our lives. And of course, to protect all people of goodwill around the world. But it affects the free will in the entire cosmos because by itself, nothing happens. So we need the help of our guardian angels, and they even do it with joy. 

Of course, you should briefly thank them before going to sleep even though you do not know what your guardian angel has done for you. Or what unpleasant or even tragic event has been prevented. So you can keep in contact with your angel, and the favorable energy will be strengthened. 

Planetary races and retrogrades


The planet Mercury, which has an impact on our thinking, speaking, and acting, ultimately on our mind and reason, needs 88 days for a complete solar orbit. On average, it declines three times in one year. It means that communication is usually disturbed in some way during these periods. So you will have to be very careful at work, in contract negotiations and in the entire communication area, so that no mistakes happen. If you act carefully, you will be able to prevent much. But sometimes this is not enough, since on many things we have no power or influence. For example, on office decisions, on a wrong buying choice you could make, that turns out to be incorrect — that's why we are betrayed sometimes. The love letter one has put together with a great deal of effort, does not even appeal to the beloved one. Madness! But the tax report from the tax office with horrendous back payments will be delivered in any case! - That's what happens now.

The times of retrograde:

 Feb 17th - Mar 10th

Jun  8th - Jul 7th

Oct 14th - Nov 3rd


The oft-coveted love goddess with her tenderness and love power can give us indescribable pleasures. Venus also dominates the beauty and the entire art areas. This planet needs 225 days to turn around the sun. It will also decline once again in 2020, namely by May 13th -June 25th.

This retrograde will be happening in Gemini. What can this particular time mean?

The retrograde means that we can fix something that we have failed to do, or that we now have the opportunity to respond to past wrongdoings appropriately. In short, we are getting a second chance. And since Venus stands in Gemini and the ruler of Gemini is Mercury, that's an indication that we may have reacted wrongly once in a love affair. Or that we may have used too little time for love in the past, thus missing many pleasant things. But now Venus is standing in the communication area of Mercury, which is why contact with interesting people, will be much easier than before. Now flirting is announced, and we should do that now! And all those who are eternal lovers are not excluded from it!


To the energy planet, which needs two years for a solar orbit, we owe the ideas, impulse, courage, the fighting power, and the male sexuality up to war with its negative impact. Mars will also once again decline in 2020, from September 10th to November 14th,

This retrograde will take place in Aries, so precisely the Zodiac sign of Mars. On the one hand, therefore, a powerful energy will flow to you, which is why you must be sure not to overreact. Discharging the energy in excess through sporting activities, for example, would be a way of avoiding disputes. But it will not always be easy to control aggressiveness.

On the positive side, this is also a time when one can accept setbacks more easily. And can immediately set out to start again since new energy will now be available. Mars in the sign Aries means enthusiasm, boldness, and fearlessness. You will now show a healthy self-confidence, and the obstacles will be tackled with energy. Freedom and independence are now fundamental to you, and the craft skills are now also very well developed.

Who stands in the way, is blown over, would be the characteristic of this period. Of course, it is too extreme and the idea should be rejected, even though it will not be adopted by everyone. Yes, many Wild West films are based on the excesses of this Aries-Mars influence, and we often talk about them with pleasure. But these male-bristling excesses belong only to the world of movies.


The big Planet of Luck needs 12 years for a complete solar orbit. Jupiter has been standing in Capricorn since December 2nd, 2019, and will stand there until December 19th, 2020. But since Saturn rules the Zodiac sign of Capricorn, it means that the planet, which otherwise provides expansion in all areas, can now, so to speak, operate only to a limited extent. The reason why you will experience and will have to accept specific disabilities. At the same time, the situation is also quite good and cannot wholly be considered unfavorable. Less can be more; it depends only on the right attitude. A single flower in the meadow can give you more pleasure than a flower-strewn field. It is essential to keep up your optimism, and that's what Jupiter is responsible for because times will come again when the Planet of Luck will go much more into effect.

Jupiter in Capricorn makes you more frugal, self-confident, ambitious, reliable, and caring. You are well in control and altogether smart. However, be warned against too narrow-minded or egotistical actions - to avoid the word stinginess, since you should always preserve individual generosity.

Saturn in Capricorn

The strong master Saturn needs 29 years and a half for a complete solar orbit. Saturn has been standing in Capricorn since December 20th, 2017, and will linger there until March 22nd, 2020.

On March 22nd, Saturn will enter the Zodiac sign Aquarius and will hold up there until July 2nd, 2020.

On this date, Saturn will then decline, returning to Capricorn and remaining there until December 17th, 2020. And finally, on December 17th, 2020, the planet will move to Aquarius for about two years and a half.

The doctrine of Saturn

Saturn always makes us acutely aware of concentrating on the essentials of life; otherwise, we may perish. This planet has little sense for amusements, not to say none at all. And who can accept that from you? Not many. Still, Saturn is inexorable and compels you to act according to its guidelines, which may cause pessimism, melancholy, solitude, and silence. We know that only too well.

The financial conditions usually have their say, but to the extent that there is too little money in the cash register, and supplies must be provided. You will not wish to marry now, and also with friendships and love affairs, you will not always have a good taste. The good in life barely comes unattended or runs past you.

But on the other hand, a strong and enduring will is now being developed, accompanied by great self-restraint and authority. Of course, also by diligence, thrift, and diplomacy. By and large, this situation will guarantee you slow but sure progress. And you should be grateful for that because it ensures your very existence.

Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn will be in Aquarius from March 22nd, 2020, to July 2nd, 2020, and then again from December, 17th 2020 to March, 7th 2023.

Saturn is quite different in Aquarius than in Capricorn.  Aquarius is a philanthropist and responsible for innovations in science and art; also, the quality of Saturn is influenced by this effect. You are now placing more emphasis and acting more convincingly on these areas. And with a smart operation, you will also succeed in science, art, and technology. You will be loyal in friendship and also very reliable. The financial situation will be improving. You'll also enjoy participating in social and charitable ventures, and love and marital relationships will now be developing more harmoniously. What more could your heart desire?

With confidence in the new year

We from the astrosofa team wish you all the best for the beginning and then running lunar year 2020! With the help of our guardian angels, we will manage again all the tasks that will come our way. Confidence is always appropriate because faith is a positive force, which in turn causes beneficial effects. Angels will protect and help you, and they will always be happy if you can enjoy the precious moments of life with all your heart.

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