Mercury in Taurus: 5 Zodiac Signs on the Upswing at Work

Discover How Taurus Energy Influences Your Thinking and Which Zodiac Signs Benefit the Most
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Mercury moves into Taurus
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Mercury , our planet of communication, moves through the Earth sign Taurus from 3 April to 11 June . At times, therefore, Venus and Mercury are found in the same sign of the Zodiac, which means we are all strongly under the energies of the thorough and pleasure-loving Taurus during these days (3 - 10 April) .

Our Thinking Becomes More Methodical and Thorough


When Mercury is in the sign of Taurus, our minds will be more concerned with practical matters , you might even say obvious things. In keeping with the Taurus nature, this could be questions about our wealth and material possessions . For the Taurus, safety, and security are simply always very important and risks are avoided where possible.

Our thinking may also be a little slower now than under the stormy Aries energies of recent times. But for this we proceed all the more thoroughly, methodically, and orderly . We look at issues, problems, and concerns from all sides and don't let ourselves get stressed or rattled.

Our Perseverance is Promoted

Basically, these Taurus energies are the perfect follow-up to Mercury Aries . We may have used this time to start new projects and start to realize our ideas. However, as we know, Aries often lacks the staying power to bring projects to a conclusion. His interest sometimes vanishes just as quickly as it came. But this is exactly where Taurus-Mercury comes in! It brings the necessary perseverance and endurance to continue on the path we have taken under the Aries influence, to build up a clear and meaningful structure, and finally to complete our projects successfully.


Our Sensuality is Addressed

Our thoughts can also revolve around sensual pleasure and beauty in the coming weeks. For we must not forget that Taurus is ruled by Venus , the goddess of love and harmony. We should now continue to enjoy the beautiful aspects of spring, celebrate good food and seek the company of loved ones.

Der Stier bringt Geduld und Beharrlichkeit
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We are More Diplomatic Again

Likewise, we are acting more diplomatically and tactically again, thanks to Venus' influence. We are perhaps more cautious when speaking , and although we do not give up our self-will, we are more reserved. In encounters with our fellow human beings, there is now much less potential for conflict.

Attention, Mercury is Going Retrograde Again

It is noticeable that Mercury now stays in Taurus for quite a long time, almost 2.5 months. This is due to the fact that Mercury goes retrograde in Taurus from 21 April until 15 May. During this time, you have to be careful again, especially when concluding contracts and negotiating. Mercury heralds communication problems, technical malfunctions, and possible deceptions .


These Zodiac Signs are Particularly Favored by Mercury in Taurus

With Mercury in Taurus, Taureans themselves, Virgos, and Capricorns now benefit the most.

The Cancers and Pisces are right next to them on the winner's podium in second place.

The Gemini and Aries, as well as the Libra and Sagittarius cannot complain either, as they too are influenced by the qualities of the Taurus Mercury. But if these signs also take the initiative and become active now, the rewards will certainly not fail to come, which will bring satisfying experiences.

These Zodiac Signs Could Experience Problems in the Area of Communication

At the moment, perhaps the Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius signs are having a little trouble with Mercury in Taurus, as there are tense aspects. Therefore, only act with calmness and composure, gradually thinking things through, which is why you will then avoid misunderstandings . In this way, things will then go better. Soon, however, the communication area will work better again

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