Venus in Gemini

These Are the Five Strengths of Venus in Gemini

From 23 June 2022 to 17 July 2022, Venus, the Goddess of Love, Is in the Zodiac Sign of Gemini and Strengthens All Zodiac Signs in Many Ways.
These are the strengths of Venus in Gemini

On 23 June 2022, Venus, the goddess of love, enters the sign of Gemini, where she will stay until 17 July 2022. As a result, she now also largely takes on the qualities of Gemini, which also pass on to all of us, more so for some, less so for others.

Strength No. 1: Charming expression

The first strength of Venus in Gemini is that it now makes the communication potential of Gemini-borns even more charming and amiable than it usually already is. However, at the same time, this passes on to all of us, since Venus is present in all of us. Put simply, this means that the Goddess of Love will now have an even more charming and amiable effect on our way of expressing ourselves with her beingness. We now choose our words with care and consideration, so that a fine and delicate net is already stretched between people, which lets love resound, especially with those who meet each other for the first time.

Strength No. 2: Less prejudice

The second is charm and kindness, which is not only evident in the way we express ourselves but also reveal themselves in our being. We are now much more cheerful than usual, more open in our facial expressions, and also much less prejudiced than usual, which is an essential characteristic of Gemini. It is not without reason that they are the communication geniuses among us and also the born actors, journalists, and authors. These are all reasons that make getting to know each other much easier. And the goddess of love is now trying to address us in this way in order to lead us towards love. So now she makes us more communicative and hopes in this way to be helpful to us.

Venus in Gemini

Strength No. 3: We become more truth-loving

The third strength is the love of truth, which passes from Venus in Gemini to us. The Gemini is by nature extremely truth-loving, and this now also transfers to us. This in turn has to do with Mercury, who rules Gemini. For he is the lord of thought and thus also of logic. Lies, as we know, do not correspond to the truth, do not correspond to reality. And lies are sure to come to light at some point and are then a bitter disappointment, which is why Mercury adheres strictly to logic and therefore also to the truth. And that is another great character trait of the twins, for which one can only congratulate them.

And what effect does this sense of truth have at times when Venus is in Gemini? For example, in such a way that it will be the truth when a male lover manages to breathe across his lips: I love you.

Strength No. 4: Awakening a new looseness and openness

The fourth strength is the wonderful passion that is now awakening in us and that is now also waiting to be realized with a partner. And for singles, the innate looseness of Gemini now also works to a large extent, which in turn flows into us and which therefore makes getting to know someone much easier, because with this looseness prejudices hardly ever come forward, which is why people approach a person with goodwill from the outset.

Strength No. 5: The love of poetry

The fifth strength is the interest in poetry and poetics, which now awakens in us, too, logically, because Mercury, the poet, and thinker, is ultimately behind it. And if the new partner also shows interest in poetry, theatre, and film, then these are probably already signs of a long-lasting partnership. (Of course, this also applies to old lovers).

But first, you have to get to know each other, and Venus will gladly take care of that now, circumstances permitting. Normally she blows partners to us now, because she uses the wind that characterizes the air sign Gemini. So she blows them to us, and she does so with ease and delicacy so that we also receive him with exactly this readiness. And all we have to do then is open our eyes and see what comes our way.

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