Venus in Gemini

How Venus in Gemini Affects Your Zodiac Sign

From 23 June to 17 July, Venus Is in the Sign of Gemini. This Is How It Affects Your Love Life
How Venus in Gemini affects all signs of the zodiac

These zodiac signs can look forward to love

How wonderful! Not only Gemini itself, but also Aquarius and Libra now receive the blessings of Venus, the goddess of love. And best of all, to start a happy summer of love, they don't need to do much at all, as love will find them! Wherever they are, they are sure to attract attention. Venus enhances their lovability and attractiveness, and promotes good humor.

Aries and Leo can also look forward to some support from the goddess of love. If they have the courage to take the first step and approach their crush, their efforts will certainly be received very favorably. For they too have great charisma, and making contact is not difficult.

These zodiac signs need to make more of an effort to love

Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn, and Scorpio, unfortunately, have a more difficult time. They are likely to experience slight resistance in the area of love. Even if Venus doesn't put any obstacles in their way, they can't rely so much on their charisma alone. However, with their own initiative and ideas, they too can achieve something in the realm of love. 

Sagittarius, Pisces, and Virgo may experience certain restrictions in the area of love, harmony, and aesthetics due to the tense angles to Venus. So if you are served a bad meal during this time, please be understanding! Venus is not always in top form when cooking either!

Besides, there are enough other things to do right now for Pisces and Virgo that absolutely have to be done. And so these matters of shifting interests are also set up quite wonderfully by the starry sky.

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