Venus in Gemini: How This Affects You

Communication in Relationships
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Venus in Gemini
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The Planet of Love 

Venus is known as the planet of love. However, its actual surface in the solar system is very hostile. It has the hottest surface out of all the planets, reaching 900 degrees Fahrenheit (a whopping 482 degrees Celsius). It also has an extremely toxic atmosphere. So why is it called the planet of love?


In Greek mythology, Venus is known as the great goddess Aphrodite , whom all men and gods desired. Aphrodite had many affairs with both mortals and gods. We associate Venus with our romantic life, as it rules Taurus and Libra, namely, sensuality, material goods, love, relationships, and marriage. 

Venus in Gemini

Venus is exalted in Pisces for its unconditional love, but what happens when Venus finds itself in Gemini?   Well, Venus gets the opportunity to talk about her feelings more, be more communicative, think fast, and be a little more rational.

The Effect on the Different Zodiac Signs

Fire Signs

Starting with the Fire signs, they enjoy being touched by Air. Only Sagittarius has a slight problem with Venus in Gemini, as it is its opposing sign. However, this is a great time for Sagittarius to learn new languages and travel. Aries dances with delight when Venus is in Gemini , as this Trine aspect allows Aries to open up more, and instead of being so active the whole time, Aries now sits back, listens, and communicates better.

Venus in Gemini
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Aries, may be inspired to purchase a new car and try new clothes.  Leo enjoys Venus in Gemini, as they become more generous with people as a whole.  They may enjoy trying out new trendy hairstyles at the moment as well!

Earth Signs

Taurus , the most earthy Sun sign, purchases new books and technology to communicate better with others during this period. It's also a great time for Taureans to step out of their comfort zone and try different clothes, makeup, and nail colors. It's also a good time to host weekend lunches with siblings and neighbors. Virgo enjoys  Venus in Gemini as they are both ruled by Mercury. However, due to their Square aspect, Virgos nerves may be extra activated during this time. Capricorn's energy is not adversely affected by Venus in Gemini. This energy may influence the purchase of gifts for siblings and neighbors.  

Water Signs

Pisces may feel uncomfortable when Venus is in Gemini as it creates a Square aspect. This sign likes stability around it, as Pisces always flows through the clouds and needs to be brought down to earth. Venus in Gemini definitely makes Pisces much chattier and often will get Pisces reading book after book after book! Cancers learn a lot about themselves when Venus is in Gemini , as they tend to overanalyze during this period and think a lot. It's a good idea for Cancers to keep a diary during this period. Scorpio may pick up erotic literature during this period and may be attracted to others who are very curious about the world.  


Air Signs

The Air signs are more comfortable with Venus in Gemini as they all Trine Venus during this period, and there is a conjunction, of course, with Gemini. Gemini has a wonderful time during this period . They have a wonderful time trying out the latest trends, looking at new cars to buy, and looking at second-hand bookstores, and communicating becomes sensual with partners. During this period, Librans have fun, feel light, and enjoy socializing, going out, and hosting. Aquarians get  a period of solace, as Venus' strong effect in Gemini allows them to feel and think at their sharpest, helping their relationships and work performance. 

Best Things to Buy When Venus is in Gemini

  • Cars 
  • Clothes
  • Apps
  • Books
  • Plane Tickets
  • Language Courses
  • Gifts for Siblings and Neighbors


Venus has an interesting but necessary journey through Gemini, one that affects many Zodiac signs both positively, negatively, and neutrally. Enjoy this energy and all it brings to you, especially as it is light, positive, and not too heavy! 


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