Mercury in Gemini

These Five Zodiac Signs Are Now True Word Masters

Mercury is in Gemini from 4/11 to 5/22, making us strong communicators
Word master thanks to Mercury in Gemini

Mercury is in Gemini from 4/11 to 5/22. And with it begins the time of word, writing, and communication. With these means, you can now move a lot. And five signs of the zodiac are now true communication champions.


That the Gemini are excellent thinkers and talkers, they have often proved to us. But thanks to Mercury in their sign, they now impress even more with their linguistic talent. The perfect time to give a presentation, lecture, or sales pitch. Have you been shopping and bought much more than you wanted? Then the salesperson will probably have been a Gemini.


Libra also gets a lot of momentum from Mercury! They find it easier than usual to formulate their ideas and to communicate. Have you always wanted to write a short story? Or is there someone with whom you would like to exchange more ideas? Go ahead! Now it's especially easy for you.


Aquarians always surprise us with new ideas. And thanks to Mercury in Gemini, they can now bring these ideas closer to their fellow men and women. Important projects of the heart should be tackled now!


The Leo has an itch between his toes. He wants to get out and enjoy the spring sun. It's best to make friends or family with you because you are a great entertainer, not least thanks to Mercury. The exchange with like-minded people makes you especially happy now.


With their zest for life, Aries now infect their whole environment. They can achieve a lot professionally until 22.5. and quickly convince their colleagues of their ideas. This can be financially rewarding.

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