Mercury retrograde

Mercury Retrograde: How Your Zodiac Sign Reacts

An Unusable Cell Phone Is Not Uncommon Under Mercury Retrograde. This Is How Your Zodiac Sign Survives This Little Drama.
This crap phone does not work anymore
This crap phone does not work anymore

Mercury retrograde happens around three times a year and our many experiences with this planetary "reversal" prove we can expect challenges in terms of our communication and transportation. Cellular phones are now our most prized possessions as we use our mercurial tolls to keep in touch with the people and interests we care about most. 

So how do the 12 signs of the zodiac react to such an unpleasant tragedy? We can be certain that each of us has a different way of handling these events!


An Aries reaction to a "broken cell phone"

Immediately enraged because it was recently purchased "this stupid phone!" they yell at the top of their lungs as the broken heap is angrily lunged across the room. Such an expensive mistake and waste of money, they think. So what can be done now? Make a call or ask someone to use theirs? Only, that's not possible, because the Aries won't know anyone in the new place they have just recently moved to. Quickly, Aries decides to run to the car, get in, reach for the ignition and turn the key-- but it's not starting! Wait, seriously? Each time the ignition is turned it sputters, the battery drains- defeat starts to slowly creep in. 

However, it can't last long because there is a life to be lived! There is absolutely no patience to wait for the bus, so just start running toward the cell phone store. Whether taking long strides, a full-on sprint and short periods of taking it slow to harness more energy, the spirit of the Aries can never be stopped. With every step a sound mental fortitude and fighting spirit lead the way- inner strength is awakened to go the full distance. Working hard not only creates a new experience but adds offense to balance a good defense. This inconvenient act keeps them from jumping down the clerk's throat and they are humbled, want to solve the situation, and move on with life.

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This is how the Taurus reacts to his broken cell phone


At the moment not at all, because he just makes his nap, in the office. The breakfast was today nevertheless very extensive and also luxuriant, and one should not drink more than two glasses of champagne in the morning, however, happened, and that makes just tired. But the new secretary prepared the "ham and eggs" very well, he thinks gratefully. That makes work even more fun! But today, unfortunately, there is pure stress, he thinks half asleep. Because soon the lunch must be mastered.

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Mobile phone dead

How to survive Mercury retrograde? Do not make any big contracts at this time! Always lock your front door! Don't fall for false compliments!

A Gemini reaction to a "broken cell phone"

OMG, Gemini is exhausted, this is the icing on the cake of unfortunate events and proves once and for all that the Gemini has been going nonstop for weeks- the breakdown has arrived. Without the constant influx of communication from their friends and family throughout the day, the world will slowly crumble, and work will not continue! Natural problem solvers with futuristic foresight, they move on with life quickly and drive themselves to the cell phone store. Using words as a poem to describe their frustration, a connection is made with the clerk behind the counter. “You look familiar, what school did you go to?” the clerk says to the School of Gemini, and to their surprise they realize they are connected. An instant friend has been made, the transaction runs smoothly and this twin soul is able to once again dance with the freedom of life. 

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Mobile phone dropped

When something breaks on a mobile phone, it is usually the display (52% of all mobile phone repairs).

A Cancer reaction to a "broken cell phone"

The Cancer intuitively knows that something has been lost that can never be retrieved again. Emotions run high and either warm tears run down their face or hard hands meet an object- anger and sadness looks different for us all. Not only has the phone been broken, but the family photos, great memories of vacations, foods, and pictures of places they may never reach again- vanished in an instant. Going back to replay the memory in their heads, the Cancer replays the event from beginning to end, realizing where the fault lies and how to change it for the future. Composed, they drive themselves to the cell phone store, internal, focused, and driven to not repeat the same mistake again. The interaction with the clerk is polite and the Cancer feels slightly vulnerable because the expression of loss can be felt by just about everyone and is, because the story of how it happened is relayed to the whole front end. Everyone nods in agreement that this is a tragedy and the Cancer is provided a new phone- this time, with a case.

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A Leo’s reaction to a "broken cell phone"


In true Leo fashion, they are jumping around, being silly, and trying their best to make their friend laugh when all of the sudden- the phone slips out of their pocket and onto the floor. Noble and dignified, Leo picks up the pile of trash, “no biggie”, they say as they hop in the car to get to the nearest cell phone store. Thinking to themselves…”I’ve been wanting that new iPhone, I have a credit card I can use, I deserve this and this has happened for a divine reason!” Convinced, self assured and with a smile on their face, they leap through the door to find an attractive salesperson that can help. All is well when Leo gets a new phone in their favorite color and they can maybe add a second line for a good price- an impulsive buy to help support a loving friend or family member in the future.  

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A  Virgo reaction to a "broken cell phone"

Wow, what happened here, did my phone just stop working unexpectedly? The Virgo takes full stock of the embarrassment that has fallen upon them- “ I could have done better”, they think as they fully replay every moment that could have been avoided. They haven't dropped it, gotten it wet, nor have mistreated it, there must be an explanation for it, however in the end it doesn't matter. After thinking to themselves for a long while, they say with a sigh, “well, it's a good thing I've got accidental insurance on this thing”. They drive to the cell phone store with proof of purchase paperwork in hand, full detail of why it shouldn't have happened, and why they are entitled to receive another phone. Unfortunately, this Virgo is met with challenges when trying to get the phone they want.  

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Crap mobile phone

How does a planet become "retrograde" in the first place? The planet itself does not change its direction, of course. But from Earth it looks as if it suddenly changes its orbit. This happens with Mercury, for example, when it passes in front of the sun. From the Earth, the orbit then looks as if it were moving backwards. This happens to Mercury three times a year. The outer planets also go retrograde from time to time. Of course, the sun and moon cannot go "retrograde".

A  Libra reaction to a "broken cell phone"

The Libra is confused and doesn't know what's going on and neither does their spouse. They think to themselves, “maybe this could go away on its own and start to work again, that's what happened to the TV a few days ago”. Thinking about the one time when their phone stopped working during a thunderstorm leads them to think that it could be happening again?”- hopes of it will "turn on tomorrow" fills their positive mind-frame and time is given to see if it will ever turn on again. Kind thoughts are given towards the salesperson and the experience of getting the phone from someone who gave them nice compliments and flashed a beautiful smile.  In the end when floods of worry about why it hasn't turned on yet, again fill their awareness. The Libra exclaims to themselves “I always say these disruptions are a part of our natural world!”

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A  Scorpio reaction

Skepticism fills the heart of the angry Scorpio. When their phone suddenly stops working they descend into a fit of rage. Their tail whips around and they are eager to sting whoever they feel is responsible. “I knew that salesperson was sleazy by the way he had an answer to all of my questions, I still fell for this lemon of a phone!” The Scorpios think to themselves long and hard about how their intuition was evaded and how they will exact revenge if the company cannot fix their wrongs. They think first to test the salesperson, depending on their reaction is how the Scorpio will proceed- with caution.


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A  Sagittarius reaction to a "broken cell phone"

While unfortunate, when the Sagittarian breaks their phone the tragedy is met with style and grace.  What does a small, non-functioning material possession have to do with the Sagittarius personally? Nothing, of course. Although they put a lot of effort into buying the phone, Sagittarius doesn't put too much emphasis on it being broken. Because so much effort was expended when the phone was purchased- from the colors of the phone to the way it performed, if it were meant to be, it would still be working. Sagittarius knows the material world cannot hold them, as nothing compares to what is felt and comes from within. Driving to the phone store to replace the phone may take them a few days as they will want to sit with the reasoning of why they even need a phone to begin with. 

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Mobile phone thrown into the toilet

According to a 2014 survey, one in five Germans has dropped their mobile phone down the toilet at least once. We suspect that this number is even higher... 17% have already washed the mobile phone with it, 12% have already left it on the roof of the car and driven off...

A  Capricorn reaction to a "broken cell phone"


Outraged by the thwarting of a well thought out plan, they want to scream to the rooftops of their disdain- in the most respectful way possible. The Capricorn thinks of the unfairness and injustice that comes out of a terribly made product, a dishonest salesperson trying to get over on innocent people, and the overall reason why these situations happen to them. While it would be sweet to take a company to court when they wrong a society of goods and services, Capricorn immediately sees the loss and calculates it by not taking it any further. The plan now is to consider the next best purchase and search for reviews to be sure its replacement is sturdy, dependable and honest.

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A  Aquarius reaction to a "broken cell phone"

Of course, the Aquarius, a technological expert, soon found out that the malfunction or dead cell phone could not be the provider, but instead a technical defect. Luckily they have an old friend that works at the cell phone store that could answer a few questions and gives them a ring on his tablet- having a backup is always needed. The old friend explains that they have received several complaints from desperate cell phone owners that the phones they were using were defective, in fact this particular brand has received collective disdain for almost 2 years. The friend asks their Aquarian friend if they will write a statement to join the cause of removing the brand from the store. Even in times of chaos, the Aquarian manages to remain a friend. 

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A  Pisces reaction to a "broken cell phone"

While not pleased by the situation, Pisces aren't too bothered by it either. Material possessions can never measure up to the joy and love of the ethereal plane, so going to the store and getting another isn't a huge deal. They wonder to themselves why people always get caught up in that part of life that keeps them controlled by possessions instead of following a feeling, being close with others and knowing there is a faith and spirit to life. The Pisces knows that this event is divine timing and allows it to take them to better frames of mind by understanding that there is a larger meaning to life than a silly phone. 

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What does Mercury retrograde mean?

Mercury retrograde is when the communication planet Mercury appears to move “backwards” creating a challenging alignment that pushes you to think before you speak and to take caution when moving around in the world. Knowing what will come in life is half the battle. It's a great time to finish old projects, to hold off on a launch and re-read anything you feel you didn't grasp. 

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