Sun in Aquarius: Be Open for Innovations

From 20 January to 18 February, the Sun Is in the Sign of Aquarius. This Is How It Affects All Signs of the Zodiac.
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Sun changes into Aquarius
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From 20 January 2023 to 18 February 2023 , the Sun will be in the sign of Aquarius .

Uranus , the ruler planet of the zodiac sign Aquarius, has a stronger effect on all of us during this time. This means that now the issues of Aquarius become more important to all of us. In the coming weeks, issues such as technology and progress will not leave us untouched. The Aquarian energy encourages us to be open to new things , to approach innovative media with curiosity and tolerance , and to broaden our horizons and minds.


Those who strive for further development now will be surprised how getting involved in something unfamiliar also moves something within ourselves. Uranus now expects the ability to change and the courage to dare something revolutionary .

It is very likely that the Aquarian energy will support us in this with new ingenuity and sudden creative ideas . What didn't seem possible in the last few months now doesn't seem so far-fetched.

Whatever that means for us individually, in the coming weeks we will be inspired and those who are willing to jump over their own shadow can take a lot for themselves from this time.

Besides new knowledge and enthusiasm for technology , the Sun in Aquarius also brings a desire for social commitment . Aquarius is considered a true philanthropist who never loses sight of the human being in all his ideas and enthusiasm for progress.

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How the Aquarian energy affects the individual signs of the zodiac

Of course, some signs of the zodiac are more inspired by this solar energy than others.



It is quite clear that now the Aquarians themselves shine and feel a new power within themselves. It is simply their time - and they want to use it! But these four signs of the zodiac also receive a lot of positive energy. Their vitality is strengthened and they gain new confidence:

The next five zodiac signs in total feel very comfortable with the demands and gifts of the Aquarius Sun and can experience small and larger flights of fancy  with it. They also get a boost in health. It would be a great time to start a new workout.

Also, receive some support from the Sun in Aquarius:

However, they do not have this enviable power boost like the other zodiac signs listed above. They may have to struggle with self-doubt and minor hang-ups from time to time. But on the whole, they can be very happy with the Sun's current support.

The following three zodiac signs , on the other hand, will have a hard time with the prevailing Aquarius Sun-Uranus energy:


They have tense angles present at the moment. Therefore, they should take it easy on themselves physically, if possible, because otherwise their health could be affected. A lot of body care is therefore recommended now. Furthermore, as a balance to achieve inner peace , further education would now be appropriate, as well as employment and active involvement in the arts, social and cultural spheres.

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