How will the groom experience his wedding? That's what the stars say!

The wedding horoscope for all zodiac signs
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Wedding Horoscope for All Zodiac Signs
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Which man has the future wife actually landed herself from the point of view of the stars? How will the most beautiful celebration in life take place? Here is the wedding horoscope for the future husband.


Since Aries(March 21-April 20 ) is a very active, spontaneous and impatient person, he will have long since passed what used to be called the wedding night by the time he is finally persuaded to walk down the aisle. He is naturally very pleased with his choice when he gets married, because if he weren't, he would have long since left after the trial wedding night with his bride and turned to other women for trial wedding nights. The star sign



Taurus(21 April - 21 May ) loves sensual pleasures, enjoyment and everything beautiful. Accordingly, he will arrange his wedding celebration opulently , with culinary delicacies, fine wines and the most beautiful girlfriends , who of course must be tolerated by his bridal sweetheart, otherwise his innate, good-natured character would change abruptly on the first day of marriage in favour of an innate outburst of rage. To the zodiac sign


The Gemini(22 May - 21 June ) are the most curious people among the zodiac signs and therefore need to experience at least one extraordinary adventure every day, otherwise they will be bored to death. For the future wife of a Gemini, it is therefore advisable to change into a different woman every day , because only in this way can she be sure that he will only live out his thirst for adventure with her. However, this tactic can also be recommended to other adventurous zodiac signs. To the zodiac sign


The Cancer(22 June - 22 July ) values his home, his home and his family above all else. The wedding of a Cancer is therefore a true family celebration , to which even the most distant relatives are invited. If you are lucky enough to belong to such a family, this wedding celebration will be unforgettable and you will wish you were in the groom's place. However, it is advisable not to get involved with the bride of Cancer, no matter how much you like her, because otherwise you will make acquaintance with the Cancer's pincers and be immediately pinched with them, he knows nothing. To the zodiac sign



Leo(23 July - 23 August ) is the ruler of the zodiac. If a Leo is getting married and you are invited, it is best to address him as Majesty, or Highness , Serene Highness , or at least as Prince or Your Grace. He will laugh about it, but not too hard, because he likes it, because he really is a born ruler, as he thinks. And if you're the only one who calls him that, you've already won at the wedding, because in his mind he's already appointed you his prime minister, since you're the only one who knows what's proper. The star sign


Virgo(24 August - 23 September ) is hard-working, sensible, thrifty and also likes to live healthily. But she loves thriftiness above all else, the low-priced special offers, the cheap goods, which don't have to be worse than the more expensive ones, and basically turns over every penny three times before she spends it. Very sensible, others throw their money out the window and end up with nothing. If all the virgins were at a virgin's wedding, you would hardly (be able to) overeat. But since this is never the case, a Virgo wedding is just like any other, and the possibility of unreasonable intoxication and overeating at the feast is, of course, also given here. To the zodiac sign



The whole world wants to marry the charming Libra man (September 24 - October 23) . But since that is not possible in our latitudes, he has to be satisfied with only one woman, which is very difficult for him for the reason mentioned above, because the most beautiful women are still at his feet. But if he finally chooses one woman whom he is happy to walk down the aisle with, he is the even more charming and amiable admirer of all the other women he has not been able to marry, even if his enthusiasm for his own wife has waned a little after decades. To the star sign


Scorpio(24 October - 22 November ) is a go-getter, and as far as women are concerned, you can take that literally. Once he has decided on a woman in his urge - and this can happen every day during certain periods - she is already his. That's because hardly any woman can resist his urge to conquer . The things he comes up with simply impress women, but only until they realise that he suddenly has his sights set on someone else. Then all hell breaks loose. But there are also exceptions among Scorpios, already highly developed in character, yes indeed, and they are well-behaved and faithful all their lives. Let's hope you catch one of them. To the zodiac sign



If Sagittarius (23 November - 21 December) has his sights set on a woman, he will immediately use all of his idealistic life's resources to win her over. He aims at her and shoots all his love arrows at her, so to speak, but initially usually misses the target because of his lack of concentration and puts his foot in his mouth because he simply has too much on his mind at once. He must first learn to act and proceed little by little. Going on journeys with her little by little, talking to her patiently about philosophy and religion, etc., that's how you get there. Understand? And by the way, he can also talk to his beloved about when the most favourable date for the wedding would be. Bull's eye! The star sign


Capricorn(22 December - 20 January ) hardly ever finds time for something like a wedding . Not that he doesn't want to, by the way, he can also be very romantic, but business comes first, after all, his livelihood depends on it, and a wedding must also be paid for out of the proceeds of his business. If the chosen one is clever, she will invite lots of business friends to the wedding , with whom her beloved Capricorn can then negotiate to his heart's content, and thus the pleasures of life and the duties of life are happily reconciled even at a celebration like a wedding. Cheers! To the zodiac sign



If you are an extraordinary woman, then a wedding is also an extraordinary event for an Aquarius(21 January - 19 February ), otherwise rather not, as it might be too stuffy for him. But our Aquarius has a thing for celebrating, if the party is organised in an unusual way and the location is chosen in an equally unusual way, for example on a mountain top. As a carnival child, Aquarius also has a thing for balls, costumes and masquerades. And behind such an original mask is also hidden the face of his future wife. And until he finds out behind which mask his wife's face is, he likes to kiss through all the masks. That suits him so well, because Aquarius is the true philanthropist. To the star sign


When the Pisces man(20 February - 20 March ) dreams of his wedding, the whole world will be his guest, besides his adored and future beloved wife, for all men become brothers. Pisces people are symbolically represented as the sea into which all rivers flow, and accordingly the knowledge and feelings of Pisces are understanding and all-embracing, which they show to their fellow men not only at their own wedding, but also whenever they are needed by their fellow men. When a Pisces-born person marries, it is not only him who marries, but the whole world, and for this reason we wish him and the whole world much happiness, all the best and well-being for the rest of their lives. To the zodiac sign

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