Virgo Ascendant

Virgo Ascendant

Neat With A Nack For Organization
Virgo Ascendant

Virgo Ascendant

Neat With A Nack For Organization

Virgo Ascendant

People with Virgo Ascendant have a high power of observation. They recognize when their world is out of balance, easily identify the discrepancies, and quickly make a plan to improve the non-functioning systems. 

Virgo Ascendant inherently wants to remove the inefficiencies from the world. Their goal is to improve, simplify and streamline the way they and others do things because nothing is more unpleasant for the Virgo ascendant than having their calm disturbed.

They encounter all problems with great flexibility and a clear sense of what is practical. They quickly adjust to new situations and challenges and know how to deal with them. However, they are rarely aggressive. They solve problems through diplomatic channels and are ready to compromise and adapt. They are committed to respectful and reasonable cooperation.

The Virgo ascendant avoids chaos and has accessible energy that gets along with just about anyone. Their strength is their organizational talent and their sense of how efficiently reality can be. They always grasp the bigger picture and instinctively know what to do. There are fewer useless actions with them. They rarely lose control and use their energy wisely. They strive for structure and order. Their rationale, analytical thinking is what make them good at their jobs.

Strengths of the Virgo Ascendant

There is always a better way to do things for the Virgo Ascendant. Life should be harmonious, but they know that it takes hard work to achieve that harmony. Therefore, they are tuned to the intricate details that either improve or deter a smooth and efficient life. 

The corresponding descendant to the Virgo Ascendant is the zodiac sign Pisces. People with this Ascendant have the sixth sense of seeing the invisible behind what is visible.

They are Intellectual, eager to learn, educated, understanding, observant, attentive, modest, adaptable, hardworking, dutiful, orderly, and reliable.

Weaknesses of the Virgo Ascendant

They tend to be petty, pedantic, selfish, calculating, subtle, cunning, dissatisfied, tormenting, submissive, undecided, narrow-minded.



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